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Dorjan Cera

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Dorjan Cera, an Albanian drug dealer who killed a bus driver and injured 14 others in a “catastrophic” high-speed crash has now been held for more than seven years.

Kenneth Matcham Age

Kenneth Matcham, 60, was ‘kicked’ from the one-story bus he was driving after being hit by Dorjan Cera’s car shortly after 10 p.m. in Orpington, south-east London on October 31 from last year.

The impact caused the bus to collide with a second single-decker aircraft traveling in the opposite direction on Sevenoaks Road, injuring several passengers.

Cera, 20, had no insurance or a driver’s license at the time and was driving a black Skoda Octavia, which he had rented with false documents, as old Bailey learned today.

Prosecutor Nathan Rasiah said the case involved “horrible conduct” with “catastrophic consequences”.

Cera was originally said to have been a minicab driver, but told police he had never used the vehicle as a taxi.

Mr. Rasiah said, “The accused drove his car at high speed over an intersection with a main road and collided with a bus.

“ The impact of the collision forced the bus into the wrong lane and caused it to collide with another bus going in the opposite direction.

“Mr. Kenneth Matcham, the driver of the first bus, was kicked out of the vehicle as a result of the collision and died of his injuries. Some passengers were seriously injured.”

Dorjan Cera pleaded guilty in June

Cera pleaded guilty in June to causing Mr. Matcham’s death for reckless driving.

He also admitted seven other cases where he was injured with improper intention due to dangerous driving, unlicensed and insured, and possession of identification.

Grandfather of seven, Mr. Matcham, was driving the R11 service which was carrying six passengers when his vehicle was struck.

Mr Rasiah said Cera was driving at a “constant speed” between 41 and 44 mph along the avenue as he approached the intersection’s “compliance line” before crashing.

Seven people sustained “serious” injuries, including passenger Paul Wassell, who broke his spine in “three or four places” when he was “kicked” from the bus.

The impact struck the R11 service along with another single-decker bus traveling on Route 358, injuring some of its passengers.

Cera, whose car also struck the second bus, was found in the driver’s seat with airbags on by a firefighter.

After regaining consciousness, “he mistakenly identified himself” to the police, Rasiah said.

He tested positive for cocaine in a roadside drug test, but a subsequent blood test came back negative, the court heard.

Ross Philpott from the area said

Ross Philpott, 42, from the area, said at the time: “There was a big bang and we heard a strange noise around 10:10 pm. It took a long time. We went out and there were massacres everywhere. It was like something coming out of a movie scene.

“The guy who died was under the bus. There was nothing we could do. Some of the ladies came out and brought blankets and water. Most of the people involved were stuck on the bus and it was probably safer for them to be there.

“A man spoke on the phone and said he was kicked off the bus. He left with injured ribs, he was shocked. Another passenger came through the bus window to get off, but most felt safe staying there. ‘

Cera was on his driver’s license at the time of the accident, having been sentenced to two years in prison in September 2018 for possession with intent to deliver Class A drugs, other than in accordance with a driver’s license and not assured and erroneous The court learned that he had identity papers.

In a victim effects statement, Shelley Gardner, Mr. Matcham’s daughter, described her father as “the most incredible man you have ever met”.

She said, “He’s always been my hero. I feel so privileged to have been a part of her life. ‘

She previously revealed how her father spoke to her on the phone minutes before her death and asked her if she cheated on or treated her grandchildren for Halloween.