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Doyun Kim

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  • 21-year-old Doyun Kim secretly filmed women at Manchester University in 2019
  • They caught him after a student found his phone in a communal shower
  • Kim, of New Malden, London, admitted 24 allegations of voyeurism
  • He was sentenced to 36 months of community service and 220 hours of unpaid work.
  • A South Korean citizen is scheduled to be entered on the sex offender registry for five years

A student who secretly filmed more than 20 women on a college campus avoided jail after a victim saw her camera shower.

Doyun Kim Age 

21-year-old Doyun Kim has made numerous videos of women at Manchester University buying stationery, getting on the bus, using the elevator or attending a student party.

He was arrested after trying to hide a phone behind black garbage bags in a shared bathroom that was eventually discovered by another student.

Police have recovered 24 different videos from the phone, edited with special software and taken from various university buildings at the University of Manchester.

The victims said they felt “raped” by the engineering student known to his friends as Eric.

At Manchester Crown Court, Kim, a South Korean national whose family lives in New Malden, south-west London, admitted 22 cases of voyeurism and two cases of attempted voyeurism.

She was directed to complete a 36-month community ordinance along with the Horizon Sex Offender program and 220 hours of unpaid work.

He is also subject to a s*xual injury prevention order and must sign the Sex Offender Register for five years.

Kim, 21, has secretly made numerous videos of women after pointing the device at them as they went up the stairs in front of him to attend lectures or attend freshman events.

The newbie was captured after installing the cell phone in a shared bathroom at an academic facility to film his contemporaries bathing and showering.

In an accident, Kim left her cell phone on a flight of stairs to film student skirts being pulled down.

Officers were only able to locate four of his victims.

In a statement

One said, “Eric seemed such a laid back guy I can’t believe he invaded my privacy in this way. Now I have to look for hidden cameras every time I get ready to go out. ‘

Another student said, “I am in disbelief and I am angry and upset. I haven’t felt this way since then, so I had problems with my relationship. ‘

The other two students said they felt “raped”.

The investigation began in November 2019 after a college student found her phone after turning down one night to stay and wash her hair.

Isobel Thomas’ prosecutor said: “She went into the bathroom in a bathrobe, but after removing the towel, she noticed she was standing in front of an Apple iPhone X, which was covered with three small garbage bags as a disguise.

He walked over to the phone and noticed that it had been recorded. He saw a sticker of the accused looking at the place where he would find him. He stopped recording, deleted the footage, and then called the police.

Subsequently, the police received a search warrant and ransacked the defendant’s room. A black iPhone X was found and confiscated and numerous videos were found. The first was a one minute and 24 second video edited using the InShot Video Editor app.

”video recorded”

“The video was recorded at the University of Manchester University Student College Hospitality Fair. shows a woman in a blue and white skirt and with a trace under her skirt to see her buttocks. A woman was filmed walking down the stairs and allegedly managed to capture her skirt without the lights on.

“ It looks like the camera moved over her face and took a photo of her. Then the camera moves under her skirt, but the area is too dark to see.

“Other videos show an unknown woman climbing a flight of stairs. One movie shows a student’s skirt folded up and using a kitchen utensil and another shows an unknown woman bending down to buy a pizza.”

Police arrested Kim in January 2020, but she refused to answer questions during her interview.

A preliminary report from the probation service later concluded that she posed a “high risk” of committing similar crimes in the future and a “medium risk” of causing harm.

Kate Blackwell, QC, said her client had completed a “Safer Lives” program to address her behavior, adding: “I cannot disagree with what is recommended in the draft report, particularly on the scale of engagement of the accused “.

Judge Anthony O’Donohoe told Kim: “You seem to be quite an isolated person, but this is not a victimless crime. In fact, because of her behavior, the affected victims speak of anguish and anger.

“The issue clearly goes beyond the guard line, but it is believed that given her young age, it can be managed within the community and that she has already taken steps to improve her behavior.”