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China justifies doctor who warns of impending coronavirus epidemic, Dr Li Wenliang Biography, Wikipedia, Arrest, National Health Commission Reports and Interesting Facts Need to Know

Dr Li Wenliang

Dr Li Wenliang Short Biography – Wiki

Hina rehabilitated the Dr Li Wenliang, who was officially reprimanded for warning about the coronavirus epidemic and who later died from this disease, an amazing admission of error by the ruling Communist Party, which usually portends evil. to his power.

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Dr Li Wenliang- Reprimand Canceled by Wuhan’s Police

The party’s highest disciplinary body said Wuhan’s police canceled his reprimand against Dr. Li Wenliang, which included the threat of arrest.

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He also said that a “solemn apology” was sent to the Lee family and that two police officers identified by their last names received “disciplinary sanctions” for the initial consideration of the case.

Dr Li Wenliang- Anger from the ruling Communist Party’s control over reports

At his death, Lee became the face of growing anger from the ruling Communist Party’s control over reports and complaints that officials were lying or hiding epidemics, industrial accidents, natural disasters and financial fraud, punishing informants and independent journalists.

Seeing thousands of new cases daily at the height of the epidemic in the city a month ago, Wuhan survived the second day in a row on Friday without new confirmed or suspected cases.

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National Health Commission- Reports

The National Health Commission said that 39 new cases reported in China on Friday came from overseas, suggesting that severe travel restrictions and social distance requirements seem to have the desired effect.

China has eased restrictions on travel to Hubei, the province surrounding Wuhan, although its provincial border remains closed and Wuhan itself remains isolated. Officials say they will not quarantine until Wuhan spends 14 consecutive days without new cases.

In December Eight Doctors Reprimanded

In December, police reprimanded eight doctors, including Lee, for warning their friends on social media about the threat. The Chinese Supreme Court later criticized the police, but the ruling party continued to tighten control over reports of the epidemic.

The party has faced similar allegations of sabotage or fraud since previous disasters. They understand the acute acute respiratory syndrome epidemic in 2003, the chemical spill in 2005, which disrupted the supply of millions of people in northeast China, selling contaminated milk that killed thousands of people. children and the collapse of private financial companies after the global economic crisis.

In each case, officials were accused of trying to hide or delay the information people needed to protect themselves.

The party often responds by letting the public temporarily let off steam, then uses its control of the media and the Internet to stifle criticism. Constant critics may be jailed on vague accusations of rumors or rioting.

Dr Li Wenliang- Case Reflect Leaders Concern about Public Anger

Li’s case may reflect leaders’ concerns about public anger over the inability to properly honor the victims of advanced healthcare workers, while praising the party and its leader Xi Jinping. which has tightened control over the company since coming to power in 2012.

The most influential Chinese leader since at least the 1980s, Xi gave himself the opportunity to remain president for life by amending the Chinese constitution in 2018 to lift the two-term limit.

In Wuhan, local leaders were accused of telling doctors in December not to publish information about the spread of the virus, so as not to cast a shadow over the annual meeting of the local legislature.

As the virus spread, doctors were ordered to remove posts on social networks that called for donations of medication. This has led complaints authorities to focus more on image than public safety.

Dr Li Wenliang- Arrested

Lee was arrested by police after warning his former classmates about a virus on a social network.

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