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Millionaire neurosurgeon Dr Timothy Steel accused of assaulting his wife, Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and More Facts

Dr Timothy Steel

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Dr Timothy Steel, a prominent neurosurgeon in Sydney whose wife accuses him of assaulting her in their room says that he never came to her and that she was the one who attacked him.

Dr Timothy Steel Age

He is 56 years old.

Local Downing Center court

Dr. Timothy Steel explained to the local Downing Center court how his Christmas party at work caused the police to be called to the couple’s home in Bellevue Hills the next morning.

Dr Steel’s wife Emma

Dr. Steel’s wife Emma accused her husband of kicking her, punching her and slapping her after returning home drunk early one morning last year.

The former model claims that her husband had an affair with the receptionist, with whom he was in a hotel room on Christmas Eve.

Dr Timothy Steel Earning

Dr. Steel, who is estimated to earn between $ 6 million and $ 8 million a year, faces charges of assault, causing bodily harm, common assaults and property damage.

The 56-year-old man categorically denied having had an affair with the receptionist – or anyone else – during his marriage or that he had assaulted Steel.

Steel said that on Friday, December 13, last year, he held a Christmas party at the W Hotel in Woolloomooloo for 50 to 60 people.

Among the guests were friends, colleagues, nurses, radiologists, theater staff and three receptionists.

Steel said his wife was in a bad mood in the morning and threw a tan glove in the bathroom.

“I hate you,” said Steel. “Why don’t you go out? Go out. ‘

Steel said he had surgery that day and then went to Hotel W, where the party paid for drinks and canapés to be served from 6 pm to 9 pm. H.

Steel arrived at the meeting with the couple’s children, sat in a separate area from the main party, and stayed for about an hour and a half.

“She was aggressive, angry and hostile towards me,” Steel said in court. “She didn’t want to talk to me and told me to stay away.

“She didn’t come near me. She was rude to my team.

Steel said he left the party shortly after his wife tried to call his receptionist around 4:20 am. Steel accused her of having an affair with this woman, a claim that, according to him, was false.

Steel said she confronted her husband while he was in bed around 8:45 am and recalled that the couple had to arrive at a popular restaurant in Rose Bay at 1 pm.

“I said, ‘Tim, we can’t have lunch with our neighbors in Catalina,'” said Steel.

“I was trying to talk to him without getting an answer.”

Steel said in court that her husband assaulted her, assaulting her four times with a punch to the head and stomach and a slap in the face.

She also accused him of arresting and pulling out hair extensions.

Dr Steel called the Police

After the alleged attack, Dr. Steel went down the stairs and jumped into the pool while holding his wife’s phone. Steel then called the police.

Steel said on Wednesday that he was sound asleep, face down in bed, when his wife woke him by scratching his back and head.

“I was awakened by severe pain in my back and behind my ears,” he said. “I was hit about three or four times.”

Steel said his wife yelled at him about accusations that he had an affair with his secretary Angie Turner.

He said she said to him, “ You are a disgrace. I am not disgusting. You were with Angie.

“You were screwing Angie. A private investigator followed you. I have everything I need.

Steel said there was a fight on a phone that he thought was his, but that later turned out to belong to his wife. He denied that he intentionally hit or injured Steel.

“My only concern was getting the phone,” he said. “I didn’t understand why she kept attacking me and my only concern was to leave.

“I had not done what my wife accused me of. I just wanted to stop being hit and run.

Turner told the court that he never had anything but a professional relationship with Dr. Steel.

Any suggestion that she had an affair with him was “ridiculous”.

After the Christmas party, she was in a hotel room with Dr. Steel and the director of the office, Stephanie Jobson.

Steele paid for the room because Turner lived in Cronulla and Jobson lived in Wollongong.