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Who was Dulce María Alavez (Girl missing for 1 year) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Investigations, Twitter and More Facts

Dulce María Alavez

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Almost a year after her disappearance, the search for a young woman Dulce María Alavez missing from a New Jersey park continues.

Dulce María Alavez Missing from September 2019

On September 16, 2019, Dulce María Alavez, 5, was reported missing by her mother in a park in Bridgeton City, New Jersey.

Dulce’s mother told police someone kidnapped her daughter in the park.

Investigators then released surveillance video of Dulce at a store with his brother that day, along with a sketch of a man who was possibly connected.

FBI officials said

FBI officials said Dulce was one of more than 421,000 missing children in 2019. Investigators believe the girl is still alive, as are those who attended a prayer vigil on Sunday in the same park in Bridgeton where she disappeared a year ago. .

Dulce’s mother told police someone kidnapped her daughter in the park.

“Crazy emotions,” Jackie Rodriguez, the organizer of Sunday’s event, told NBC10. “Sad. Scary. I hadn’t planned on being here a year later.”

Rodriguez is not related to Dulce, but he has conducted several searches for the girl.

“There are still people who have hope,” she said. “There are people who don’t have that hope. I still hope she’s alive. ”

Dulce’s family was not at the Sunday vigil. Rodriguez told NBC10 that she hasn’t spoken to them in months.

Speaking earlier in an episode of “Dr. Phil ‘, Dulce’s mother Noema Alavez Perez said she was scratching a lottery ticket as she sat in the car – as Dulce was playing nearby – when she realized that the ‘child was gone.

“At first I thought she was playing hide and seek,” Perez said. “I didn’t want to believe someone took it.”

“I took the path looking for her, shouting her name and she didn’t respond,” she said.

Perez told Dr Phil that he regrets not watching over his children while they are playing in the park.

“Was your daughter kidnapped while you were scratching a lottery ticket?” Dr Phil asked. “Looking back, does that sound like a bad decision?”

“Yes,” Perez replied.

Dr Phil Said

During the interview, Dr Phil brought up several rumors surrounding the case, including one that Perez and his family were involved in Dulce’s disappearance. Perez denied the rumor and said police gave her a polygraph test, of which she said she had not seen the results.

When asked if there was someone Perez believes was responsible for her daughter’s abduction, she replied “an old friend” who tried to date her.

“The last time he saw me, my daughter and I together, he waved and greeted me. And he asked me if that was my daughter and I said yes, ”Perez said, adding that she had no indication the man was“ offline ”or that he would ever do something like it.

A reward of $ 75,000 is offered for information leading to Dulce’s whereabouts.

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