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Eden Sylvester

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An abusive friend who humiliated his partner by stripping her and leaving her naked in the city center has been in prison for more than two years.

Eden Sylvester, 24, attacked the woman, threatened to kill her and asked for money during their relationship, which began in late 2019 but turned toxic in the spring of last year.

The attack came after she was unable to persuade relatives to hand over more than £ 2,000, Leeds Crown Court learned.

When Judge Robin Mairs sentenced him, she told Sylvester: “You saw how your property was used, abused and asked for money.”

He pleaded guilty to attacks resulting in ABH, five attacks and personal injury, three threats to kill and corrupt justice.

The Huddersfield plasterer and aspiring musician was jailed for two and a half years.

Prosecutor Mehran Nassiri described the crimes and told the court that the couple attended a party shortly after the meeting.

He said that Sylvester wanted to leave but wanted to stay and told him to grab the victim and put her in a closet before other guests entered.

When she went into a bedroom upstairs to her to get away from him, Sylvester pushed her to the floor and warned her not to be “stupid” by entering another man’s room.

He then he strangled her for 10-15 seconds and pulled her hair, he heard the court.

The next morning Sylvester told him to call his mother, uncle and a friend and ask for £ 2,000.

Mrs Nassiri said she had even told her to cry and that she didn’t seem “upset enough”.

He then told her that he would leave her naked in the city center instead of taking her home, adding: “You dare to give me”.

The court heard that he tore off the woman’s clothes and underwear before pushing her out of the vehicle “absolutely naked”.

Her victim ran to a nearby restaurant, where they gave him a towel and jacket to cover himself.

Sylvester denied assaulting the police officer and was released on bail.

He started texting her again in March of last year and apologized when they first met.

But the court heard that he would soon regain control of her, broke the woman’s phone, asked her to take pregnancy tests and get her money.

Once in April, he called her on FaceTime with a kitchen knife and asked her to come over to her house. Otherwise, he would have written a note that he killed him before he committed suicide.

The attacks continued after he agreed to remain more regular. Sylvester grabbed her by the neck and threatened her: “I don’t care, you can’t touch me anymore.”

In another attack, he hit her in the stomach and said, “You better not be pregnant.”

Sylvester’s impending trial for the attack on the center hasn’t stopped him from abusing him.

The court heard that he had hit her against a wall two days earlier and said, “You won’t live a quiet life if I go to jail.”

His disapproval of him was evident during an interview with surveillance officers for a pre-sentencing report, the prosecutor said.

When asked how the victim would feel naked in public, she shrugged and said, “She was a stripper when we first met.

She later added: “She was married and divorced before age 23. What does she tell you?”

Sylvester has received an indefinite restraining order prohibiting him from contacting the woman, directly or indirectly, and from walking within 50 meters of her.