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Who was Edie Yates Henderson ( Former Florida City Commissioner, Husband Killed at Home in Random Attack ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Death Cause, Family, Arrest, Suspect, Investigation and More Facts

Edie Yates Henderson

Edie Yates Henderson Biography                               Edie Yates Henderson Wiki

Edie Yates Henderson, deceased with husband David, served on the Lakeland Town Commission for 12 years

A former city elect, half of a “loved” couple from Florida deeply rooted in their Lakeland community, were killed along with their husband in what appears to be a robbery by a suspect, police now arrested.

Edie Yates Henderson Age

Edie Yates Henderson, 67, served on the Lakeland City Commission for three consecutive four-year terms that ended in 2018. The City of Lakeland posted this on their Facebook page.

She and her husband, lawyer and real estate investor David Henderson, 63, along with their two sons and one other business associate, co-owned the historic luxury hotel Terrace, which they bought last August from The Ledger-Journal.

The couple’s bodies were discovered by police at their lakeside home on Tuesday after their son said he could not text his mother and then went to the residence and found it searched, police said.

The two victims were stabbed, Chief Detective Sam Taylor said at a news conference Thursday.

The loss of the couple was an “unspeakable tragedy,” he said. “The crime scene, as you can imagine, was absolutely terrible.”

Police said Edie was attacked and killed Tuesday morning while her husband was away for breakfast and that David was stabbed to death after he returned home to pick her up. Taylor said Edie’s breakfast was still sitting on the kitchen table when the police arrived.

Suspect Marcelle Waldon Age

Suspect Marcelle Waldon, 36, was arrested Wednesday night at a Lakeland motel.

In a statement, police said: “The suspect’s original intent is believed to be evidence-based robbery. The LPD reported that there was no evidence of forced entry; the murders appear to be an accidental act, and the suspect doesn’t appear to have any connection with the Hendersons at the moment, but the investigation is still ongoing. “”

Police claim the suspect stole a vehicle from the house and then set it on fire.

An associate of the suspect took police to Waldon and said he saw Waldon with jewelry and other items that were allegedly brought to Henderson’s house, Taylor said.

“You were two very much loved people,” he said. “You went to Lakeland High School, graduated from Lakeland High School, obviously a city commissioner. She has community connections, so it’s a blow. It hurts.”

The couple were killed in a house that Edie Henderson and her first husband Steve Baylis, who died in 2010, built based on architectural designs by a neighbor on Lake Morton. The two had met as classmates at Lakeland High School, where she was student council president and he was vice president, and then ran an accounting and financial planning firm together, according to The Ledger.

Edie and David Henderson married in 2012. They had an adult son, Todd, from Edie’s first marriage and another, William, from David’s first marriage.

“Our thoughts, prayers and condolences go to the friends and families of Edie and David,” the City of Lakeland said in a statement.

Waldon is being held in Polk County Jail on eleven counts, including two first degree murder for which no bail is given, PEOPLE confirms. Additional charges include armed burglary and bodily harm, theft with a gun, evidence manipulation, arson, attempted arson, and kidnapping with the intent of causing personal injury and theft of degrees.

It was not possible to determine whether he had a lawyer or whether he had brought the charges against him.