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Eduard Seleznev

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A murderous CANNIBAL who killed his three friends, boiled their corpses and ate body parts is imprisoned for life.

Eduard Seleznev, 51, from Arkhangelsk, Russia, was convicted of the murder of his friends after a court learned of how he stabbed men after fainting after drinking too much alcohol.

During the trial, he admitted to boiling the bodies of his friends and using the cooked leftovers as food.

His 59, 43 and 34-year-old victims were hacked to pieces to remove parts of the body that he was trying to hold onto before the rest of the remains were dumped into a local river.

The bloodthirsty serial killer admitted to keeping selected pieces of human flesh in plastic bags

Known as the “Cannibal of Arkhangelsk”, a lower court sentenced him to life in prison for the murders between 2016 and 2017.

After the cannibal’s daring lawyers appealed the verdict, Russia’s Supreme Court was abandoned this week to uphold the verdict.

The court heard that Selezhnev’s strange eating habits included cooking local dogs and cats, as well as birds and other small animals on the streets.

He even moved into one of his victims’ houses and told the man’s parents that his son had gone to work in another city.

Seleznev told the same story to police officers investigating a missing person.

When the bodies were finally discovered, police said the state of decomposition and conditions after a partial cut made it difficult to identify them.

The serial killer was reportedly charged with a double homicide in the past, but was released after 13 years in prison.

The Russian Penal Code does not contain cannibalism, so the defendant was charged with murder and abuse of body parts of the victims.

He was sentenced to trial after psychiatrists found him healthy and fully responsible for his actions.

The Supreme Court of Russia, after reviewing all the evidence, sentenced Seleznev to life in prison without parole.