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Victoria’s Secret executive accused of harassing models; including Bella Hadid, Edward Razek Wiki, Bio, Age, Allegation and 03 Interesting Facts

Edward Razek

Edward Razek Biography – Wiki

Edward Razek, Just a few days after CEO Les Wexner resigned, an article in the New York Times reported allegations of sexual harassment at L Brands. The article says that several women from Victoria’s Secret, an L Brands company in Columbus, have been the victims of unpunished sexual harassment.

Edward Razek- A Senior Executive at L Brands

The article mentions Ed Razek, a senior executive at L Brands, as the subject of repeated complaints about misconduct.

Edward Razek- Age

He is 71 year old.

Edward Razek- Wexner aware of Razek’s behavior

The New York Times says the leaders have made Wexner aware of Razek’s behavior.

Edward Razek- Mr. Razek; the Marketing Director

“The atmosphere was at the top. Mr. Razek, the marketing director, was considered Mr. Wexner’s lawyer and left many employees with the impression that, according to current and former employees, he was invincible, “the report said. On several occasions, Mr. Wexner himself was heard as he was Humiliated women. ”

Edward Razek- Victoria’s Secret for $ 1 million

Wexner bought Victoria’s Secret for $ 1 million in 1982.

Edward Razek- Spokesman declined to comment on the New York Times

A Wexner spokesman declined to comment on the New York Times. At the point of sale, L Brands replied: “We regret any case in which we have not achieved this goal and are fully committed to continuous improvement and full responsibility.”

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Edward Razek- Emailed New York Times

Razek emailed New York Times: “The allegations in this report are completely wrong, misinterpreted, or out of context. I’ve been lucky enough to work with countless world-class models and talented professionals, and I’m very proud of the mutual respect we have for each other, “he declined to comment on a detailed list of claims.

Edward Razek- Left L Brands in August 2019

According to the Times, Razek left L Brands in August 2019.

Edward Razek- Wexner Connections to the shameful financier Jeffrey Epstein

Wexner had connections to the shameful financier Jeffrey Epstein and said he was “embarrassed” by these connections. He also said that he had a full relationship with Epstein almost 12 years ago. 10TV contacted L Brands to comment on the Times report and has not yet received a response.

Edward Razek- 03 Interesting Facts

  • He is 72 years old.
  • Lot of Women has complaint against his misconduct.
  • He has left L Brands in 2019.

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