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Who was Eliane Ferreira Siolin ( Influencer shot & dead by her husband ) Wiki, Bio, Age, TikTok, Crime, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Eliane Ferreira Siolin

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Influence was reportedly killed by her husband in an argument over his obscene photos on social media.

Eliane Ferreira Siolin was reportedly killed 14 times by Alejandro Antonio Aguilera Cantallupi, who later committed suicide.

The bodies of the 35-year-old social media star and 41-year-old Cantallupi were found on the porch of a property in Ponto Pora, Brazil, on Sunday.

Eliane’s body was found with at least 14 gunshot wounds and her right arm was apparently broken, while Antonio’s body was found with a single blow to the head.

According to police, the couple argued frequently, particularly over Eliane’s social media posts.

Officer Analu Ferraz said: “Close friends said they fought a lot, including in public.”

Police confiscated a firearm, several bullets and a spare magazine that were found near the bodies.

The couple’s six-year-old daughter is said to have witnessed the incident and was subsequently taken in by relatives.

Local media also suggested that the couple quarreled over one of Eliane’s TikTok videos during the feud.

Eliane was Brazilian and it is not clear whether Alejandro was a Brazilian or a Paraguayan citizen.

Eliane’s TikTok page has over 58,000 followers, and the influencer has used the platform to regularly post short clips of herself, often in an insightful outfit.

The police are investigating the case.