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Who is Elise Ormand ( Glamorous teacher, 28, who woke up unable to see out of her right eye ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Family and More Facts

Elise Ormand

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A young school teacher Elise Ormand remembered the moment when her world turned with a devastating diagnosis during a European adventure in her life.

Elise Ormand Age

Gold Coast woman, 28, Elise Osmand, was out with friends in the Mediterranean last year when she noticed her eyesight was deteriorating. When she woke up one morning and couldn’t see with her right eye, Ms. Osmand blamed jet lag and a big night on the town for her vision loss.

The next morning she went blind in her right eye and only 20/20 vision in her left.

She sought medical advice right away when she arrived in Athens, where an ophthalmologist initially feared a brain tumor or cancer before Ms. Osmand was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, also known as MS, a chronic condition affecting the central nervous system.

“At first I was upset about it… it was a really confronting moment. I felt like my world had collapsed … a death sentence, ”Ms. Osmand told

Doctors confirmed the devastating diagnosis when Ms. Osmand returned home and began treatment.

Her eyesight returned four months later, but has since suffered from other symptoms such as fatigue, sensitivity to touch, and debilitating nerve pain that often make her unable to get out of bed.

Very active and social young woman

Osmand, a very active and social young woman before diagnosis, said multiple sclerosis changed her life forever.

She cited fatigue as the most frustrating symptom that often forces her to abandon plans at the last minute.

“I’ve always been very active and trained a lot. While it is still very good for me to do this, it can trigger symptoms and exhaust me to a point where I cannot recover, ”said Ms. Osmand.

“I can still go out and have a good time, but going out for a drink and having fun means just having a drink or two and then getting ready for three or four hours of sleep.

She still hopes not to end up in a wheelchair.

More than 25,600 Australians have MS

More than 25,600 Australians have MS, which is increasing with 10 more cases per week.

On her Instagram page, MS Breaking Barriers, Ms. Osmand shares an insightful glimpse into MS’s personal journey, on which she also aims to raise awareness about the disease.

“ This journey of diagnosing MS changed my world, but in the process I met so many amazing people in our community and grew as a person who understands more of my mind and soul every day. Find body and strength. that I didn’t know I had it, ”she wrote earlier this month.

Knowing that people can connect or understand my story inspires me every day to be as honest and real as possible in the hope that this will further raise awareness and help people with MS who feel lost and confused about them Journey to know that you are not alone.

Ms. Osmand also hopes to inspire others with MS to live their best lives.

“Learn how you can use this disease to help you improve,” she wrote.

“Above all, trust your instincts and contact us if you need help. It may seem like a very lonely street, but it doesn’t have to be.

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