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Who was Ellen Greenberg ( New information suggests young fiancée found stabbed 20 times ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Death Cause, Family, Arrest, Investigation and More Facts

Ellen Greenberg

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Parents of a teacher Ellen Greenberg found dead in Philadelphia in 2011 say new information uncovered by a tech expert belies the results of law enforcement who searched for her online to commit suicide.

Ellen Greenberg first grade teacher at Juniata Park Academy

Ellen Greenberg, a first grade teacher at Juniata Park Academy, was found stabbed to death in her apartment in Manayunk on January 26, 2011. She left work early that day due to a snowstorm and is stayed in her Venice Lofts apartment which she shared with her fiancé, television producer Sam Goldberg.

Authorities found that Ellen had died in her kitchen and a knife had stuck four inches into her chest. A total of 20 stab wounds were found on Ellen’s body. Ten of the stab wounds were to the neck, one to the neck, another to the abdomen and eight to the chest.

With no defensive injuries, no forced entry into the apartment, and no evidence of fighting, police said Ellen had committed suicide. A medical examiner later discovered that Ellen’s death was murder.

Ellen’s father, Joshua Greenberg, told CrimeOnline that at the urgent request of the police, the coroner decided to overturn the results and characterize Ellen’s death as suicide.

Joshua and his wife Sandy believe their daughter was played badly by someone else. She sent reservation cards for her next wedding a few days before her death and showed no signs of depression or suicidal thoughts.
Sam Goldberg told investigators he made his way to the gym and returned home to find it was locked and the swivel lock was inside the front door. He would only have left about 45 minutes before returning to the sixth-floor apartment.

Sam said he called Ellen several times and texted Ellen, but when he got no response and no help from the apartment manager, he broke the lock and went to the inside to find his fiancee on his back in the kitchen.

After reviewing the security footage, investigators found that Sam Goldberg’s version of events was consistent with the footage. Authorities then turned over Ellen’s computer to the Regional Laboratory for Forensic Computing (RCFL). The computer was then scanned by the FBI.
Based on research on her computer, authorities once again confirmed that suicide was the cause of Ellen’s death. Searches such as “quick suicide” and “painless suicide” were reportedly found on Ellen’s hard drive.

Leigh Egan’s Ellen Greenberg Case File

Joshua Greenberg told CrimeOnline that a lawyer the family hired for the case, Joseph Podrazza, revealed through a tech expert that there was no evidence that Ellen was asking questions specific on suicide.

“NO evidence of hard drive suicide or viable death demonstrates an obsession with either subject,” Podrazza wrote. “Our expert states that the ‘search queries’ identified by the OAG were not direct search queries, but phantom searches that are displayed based on analytics etc.”

Joshua explained that his daughter was on anti-anxiety medication and searched online for side effects that led to investigations into the suicide. Joshua added that his daughter was seeing a therapist at the time because she was overwhelmed at school and at the upcoming marriage, but her therapist noted that Ellen was in no way suicidal.

“She was looking for medication and weight gain,” Joshua said.

Podrazza said that despite numerous inquiries to the Attorney General’s office, he never received a copy of the law enforcement forensic computer analysis. Then, in the fall of 2020, he received a copy of the Justice Department’s FBI report with “a note in PPD files [indicating that no results were obtained after the FBI review.”

In the meantime, the Greenbergs continue to fight to have their daughter’s case reopened and classified as murder. In October 2019, they submitted with Dr. Marlon Osbourne, who performed the first autopsy, brought a civil action against the Philadelphia Medical Examiner’s Office.

The Greenbergs also have forensic experts like the famous Dr. Henry hiring Lee to investigate the case.

Lee concluded that “the number and types of injuries and bloodstains observed corresponded to a murder scene.”

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