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Who is Emese Fajk ( Accused conwoman says she gives up, conspiracy victim ) Wiki, Bio, Crime details, Investigations and More Facts

Emese Fajk

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The woman accused of attempting to defraud The Block with false receipts now claims she bought Jimmy and Tam’s home for $ 4.2 million and was the victim of a conspiracy.

A month after the failed purchase of the Palm Springs-style home, alleged cybersecurity expert Emese Fajk ran a website complete with “her side of the story.” ”

There, the 27-year-old, known for working with Apple and the United Nations, posted a storm of messages and emails that she would exchange with the Nine Network and an authorized acquaintance, for whom she was responsible. a presentation of the facts of it.

The content of the site shows how Emese Fajk The Block told The Block, just one day after A Current Affair featured her on national television, that she was ready to buy the house despite the dramatic decline in her property.

On December 23, she emailed the show’s executive producer, Julian Cress, “Hi Julian, the funds have been returned by PEXA (real estate payment platform). Technically, she could send you the return ASAP. ”

But she predicted there could be a big hurdle: Christmas.

Ms. Fajk (aka “Fayk”) shared this email exchange with The Block’s executive producer on December 23, suggesting that she might still purchase the house.

“Since everyone is free at Christmas, I don’t know who to contact or how to organize it.” She said.

Mister. Cress responded briefly, telling her that he relayed her message to Nine Network’s legal department.

In her recently posted 907-word blog, Ms. Fajk said that she would still like to buy The Block home.

But she said: “Now it is clear that there will be no closure or success as my attempts to contact Channel 9 will be ignored.

“I have been waiting in silence for over a month.”

Ms Fajk accused an anonymous man of generating a revelation on the channel about her previous behavior.

Emese Fajk stated

On her blog, Emese Fajk once again stated that an anonymous man “attacked me and tried to intimidate me … he contacted friends, family, everyone he could, and told them that he had taken away money. ” She also claimed that he threatened to “embarrass” the whore of her.

However, Daily Mail Australia is aware of several parties that have come forward for money owed.

Email shared

Emese Fajk also shared an email from a man who claimed she was formally indicted by a private investigator in 2019 for “getting all my money back.”

Late last year, Ms. Fajk’s email to Nine in December received the email as “proof” that she had paid for the victorious log cabin.

The emails contain screenshots of her alleged funding fees for the purchase of real estate, a method rarely used in Australian real estate programs that are generally charged automatically.

Analysis of graphs and sources from the banking sector revealed that Ms Fajk’s receipts clearly showed signs of forgery.

In her blog statement, Ms Fajk said of the Block saga: “I didn’t expect the process to be complex because I knew the house was new …

“He also didn’t know how electronic payments worked.”

Since the story came out, the Daily Mail Australia has published allegations from two separate parties that have come forward claiming that Ms Fajk had sent them a Photoshop receipt.

They contained an apparently mutilated statement from Coutts Bank with the transfer of £ 50,000 to a former partner who would never arrive. (Ms. Fajk declined this payment).

When asked about the failure of the European designer’s deal last month, Ms Fajk said: “I am more than happy to sit down with people in person and refute all the accusations against me.

“I will not send documents by email, etc., but I want to show what is relevant from relevant sources so that it can be verified in person.”

But Ms Fajk did not respond to an email offer from the Daily Mail Australia for an interview on January 31.

The saga continues for Jimmy and Tam, with agents recently showing potential buyers through their off-market home in Brighton.

Michael Townsend, manager of McGrath Real Estate St. Kilda, told the Daily Mail Australia that, as far as the agency knew, the house “was still available.”

Block host Scott Cam was recently forced to buy the property

Emese Fajk word letter

The block fails:

“I decided on the fastest solution on the day of the auction. 30 days from the day of the auction.

He didn’t expect the process to be complicated, knowing that the house was new, everything was under warranty, so the usual, sometimes lengthy, checks were unnecessary.

Nor did he know how electronic payments work. It takes at least a week to make sure everything is fine for customs clearance. “”

The situation has become more complicated because I am not an Australian citizen. “”

In a statement about him:

“For the past two and a half years, someone has … molested me and tried to intimidate me.

About his future:

“I want to close this chapter.

I would like to move on with people standing next to me, standing next to me and asking questions when they want to know something.

Although my intentions have not changed and I still want to buy the house, it is now clear that there will be no closure or success as my attempts to contact Channel 9 will be ignored.

“I am no longer willing to participate in a one-sided story. I waited in silence for over a month. “”

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