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Emily Hunt who was filmed her n*ked without consent wins fight for justice, Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Investigations, Court Order, Twitter and More Facts

Emily Hunt

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Emily Hunt, a woman who could not be charged with the man who filmed her n*ked without her consent has won a five-year battle for justice. Prosecutors said they would reconsider the case.

Emily Hunt claims to have been raped in May 2015

Emily Hunt, who claims to have been raped in May 2015, woke up unclothed in a hotel bed in London next to a man she allegedly had never seen.

Emily Hunt Age

The 40-year-old, who says her last memory was lunch with a family member at a local restaurant five hours ago, felt she had been drugged and also suspected she was raped.

The man was arrested on charges of rape in 2015 but denied the allegations and was not charged with lack of evidence.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has now stated that its decision not to prosecute the man who filmed Ms. Hunt n*ked without her consent should be reassessed.

Ms. Hunt said police had carried out a “really bad investigation” into her allegations and did not hear about her nude video until a little over a year after the alleged incident.

Her alleged attacker recorded a video that lasted over a minute and showed her lying n*ked and unconscious on the hotel bed to “masturbate later”.

“The CPS treated me inhumanely from start to finish,” Ms. Hunt told The Independent. “I was diagnosed with PTSD. I had a breakdown. It has completely derailed the last five years of my life. If only the CPS had handled it correctly from the start. I hope they charge for it. He could go to jail for voyeurism, a maximum of two years, and then he could be put on the sex offender registry because he belongs there.

Emily Hunt had political support from all parties

Ms. Hunt, who has had political support from all parties, added: “Today we are all safer. Today we know that what happened to me is undoubtedly illegal. I hope my perpetrator can finally – now, almost five years later – see justice and consequences for his actions.

“It took almost five years to struggle to get there. It doesn’t take relationships, education or wealth to get justice. That decision was the clear, obvious, and reasonable answer to a question no one else asked: Is it illegal to film a person n*ked without their consent? Because the answer is obvious: yes, yes. And today the court said yes.

Although the attacker admitted that the video was recorded without consent and for the purpose of his own sexual gratification, the CPS refused to pursue voyeurism under the Sexual Offenses Act.

It is illegal to watch or record someone performing a private act for the purpose of sexual gratification without their consent. This is known as voyeurism and can be punished with up to two years. Detention.

Emily Hunt represented by the Women’s Justice Center

Ms. Hunt, who is represented by the Women’s Justice Center and who has launched a mob justice campaign to raise money for legal proceedings, opened a judicial review last June and her case should be heard in court next Thursday.

But last week she learned that the CPS, which said there was no reason to be prosecuted in Ms. Hunt’s case, would argue the opposite view in the appeals court in a case that focuses on the same issue.

The court allowed Ms. Hunt to intervene in a case involving a man who secretly filmed himself having sex with two women who consented to sex for money but who did not consent to be filmed.

“It goes against logic for us as taxpayers to fund them to get two very opposite sides of the same law passed,” said Ms. Hunt. “Today you read the ruling that it is illegal to film a n*ked person without your consent, even if you are in the same room and if you engage in consensual action.”

Harriet Wistrich, award-winning human rights attorney and director of the Center for Women’s Justice, argued that the PSK treated Ms. Hunt’s case “appallingly” and that it was hypocritical for her to argue two opposing points.

She added: “We would like to know why the PSK has argued conflicting points in two separate cases. As a publicly financed institution, they are obliged to act consistently and in the public interest. In the context of a significant reduction in the number of sex offenses prosecuted by the CPS, it is disappointing that they have limited resources to deal with cases on behalf of an argument from the complainant