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Who was Emily Jones ( Girl 7, Murder by stranger at Queen’s Park in Bolton ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Emily Jones

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Eltiona Skana, 30, is accused of killing Emily Jones, 7, by cutting her neck with a knife on her scooter

Emily Jones visited Queen’s Park in Bolton, Greater Manchester on March 22 with her mother Sarah Barnes and father Mark Jones.

The girl had “turned around” on her scooter and saw her mother in the distance.

She said to her father: “Dad, dad. I want to go with my mother ”, and she ran away.

Emily Jones also called her mother, who she couldn’t hear due to the distance between them and the fact that she was wearing headphones.

Mr. Brady said: “Emily’s walk toward her mother led her to catch up with the defendant, who grabbed her as she passed and cut her throat with the knife in one motion. Then he threw her to the ground.

“There was no interaction between Emily and the defendant. The wound was insurmountable and Emily died shortly after.

Manchester Crown Court on Minshull Street learned how Skana, who is allegedly suffering from mental health problems, was sitting on a bench armed with a homemade knife she had bought today.

Before the attack, a woman – presumably Skana – was discovered in the park by a witness who described her as “excited” and with a “blank” expression on her face.

Michael Brady QC, the prosecutor, told the court that although Emily’s mother no longer had a relationship with her father, she ran to the park and agreed to meet both of them. .

Skana still escaped armed with the knife, but at some point she put it in her backpack, where it was later recovered.

Brady said a passerby who was walking his wife and daughter saw Skana “treat” and “yell” at Emily and throw her to the ground.

Skana, originally from Albania but living in Britain since 2014, shouted: “He tried to kill me.”

She then repeated it when she passed Mr. Canty around 2:15 pm during the attack.

At this point, Mr. Canty “had no idea how dire the situation was, he didn’t see any knives, and he didn’t realize that Emily had been fatally wounded,” Mr. Brady said. .

But he was “concerned enough” to run after Skana, and his wife yelled at him for having a knife.

He briefly lost sight of Skana, but soon caught up with her and “broke in” or pushed her to the ground.

Skana fell on her back and Mr. Canty was able to hold her until the police arrived.

Brady said that while Canty was sitting in Skana he started “going to the Home Office, his family and him” to kill the girl.

When Mr. Canty called to tell them there was a girl involved, Skana replied, “I am a girl, I am a girl.”

Mr. Brady told the court that Emily’s father saw a person standing on the bench with her daughter, but thought Emily had fallen off the scooter and was helped.

But then he heard a woman screaming: “She was stabbed.”

Mr. Jones saw the defendant slip away “awkwardly” with something “dark and quite long” in his hand.

He went to Emily and saw that she was bleeding from the back of her neck and tried to comfort her, Mr. Brady said.

She hadn’t moved or said anything, and an audience passed her shirt to try and stop the blood from the back of Emily’s neck.

A woman who considers herself a qualified nurse was providing first aid, and at the time Mr. Jones was “agitated.”

Then Emily’s “heartbroken” mother appeared and they watched the paramedics fight to save Emily.

But Emily had suffered cardiac arrest and was airlifted to Royal Salford Hospital, where she was pronounced dead just before 4 p.m.

Before the attack, witness Ian Robinson saw a woman who lived up to Skana’s description, sitting cross-legged next to a park bench.

Mr. Brady said: “He was struck by describing what she described as restless behavior. He noticed that he had a blank expression and did not appear with him and did not seem to adapt to his surroundings.

Another witness, Hassan Ahmed, who witnessed the attack, said he saw the defendant lying on the bench before getting up, pulling up his hood and grabbing Emily from behind.

He had seen Skana’s arm “cut” Emily’s throat with a knife.

“Everything happened so fast that Emily didn’t have time to react,” Brady said.

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