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Who is Emily L. Edson ( Teacher sentenced to jail after sent nude picture to student & begged one for s*x ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Emily L. Edson

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Emily L. Edson of Lamar, Missouri, was sentenced to four years in prison after pleading guilty to three cases of s*xual misconduct involving a child and a case of promoting child pornography.

On May 20, 2017, the mother of one of Edson’s three s*xted children filed a report to the police after learning of Edson’s inappropriate conversations with her son.

In June 2017, after a police investigation, Edson, 39, was accused of having a naked photo of two students on her cell phone.

Rusty Rives Findings

Rusty Rives, police chief of the Lamar Police Department at the time of the investigation, described the conversation as s*xually provocative and said the mother’s information allowed police to find two other eighth-grade students at the children’s center. in Nevada, Missouri, where Edson had been. Education.

Police received a search warrant and confiscated Edson’s cell phone on May 26, 2017. Although she was interrogated that day, she was not arrested until June 4, 2017.

The Southwest Missouri Cybercrime Task Force joined Lamar Police and the police received another search warrant three days after his arrest.

The police seized a computer, an electronic tablet and a CD at home.

Barton County District Attorney Mike Smalley filed a new indictment against Edson in February 2019, claiming he sent nude photos of her to three male college students, all 13 at the time, at the school where he taught

Edson’s text messages with one of the children also reveal that she allegedly repeatedly asked him about sex and often talked to him sexually, according to an affidavit.

Edson had received a series of child sex ads as well as three cases of sexual misconduct and two cases of possession of child pornography.

The Barton County District Attorney’s Office withdrew the allegations of instigating and possessing child pornography as part of their plea.

He also changed the second count to encourage child pornography and limited the sentences he could receive to four years.

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