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Emily Orbay and Philip caught on camera attacking black hotel worker, Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details,Video, Twitter and More Facts

Emily Orbay

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White Long Island couple Emily Orbay and Philip Sarner arrested, facing assault and other charges after an alleged racist attack on a black Connecticut hotel worker was filmed on surveillance video.

Emily Orbay Age

She is 29 years old.

Philip Sarner Age

He is 39 years old.

US Marshal Service

NYPD and the US Marshal Service placed Philip Sarner and Emily Orbay from Long Island, in police custody on Monday morning in Brooklyn, New York.

The couple were arrested after allegedly attacking the worker at the Crystal Caldwell, 59, hotel in Groton, Connecticut, while staying at the Quality Inn in Mystic, Connecticut, on June 26.

Police said Sarner will be charged with second and third degree assault, while Orbay will be charged with two counts of third degree assault.

Both will also face a charge of bullying based on fanaticism and prejudice, according to NBC Connecticut.

Surveillance video

During the alleged attacks – which were filmed on surveillance video – Caldwell, who is black, said Sarner and Orbay called him a “ monkey ” several times.

Caldwell told The Day that the attack came after a man called reception around 11 am to complain that his hot water was not working.

She said she told him that she could send a technician or transfer them to another room, as she claims the man was angry and swore to him, saying he was going to send his girlfriend out into the hall to kick her. ass.’

Caldwell said he hung up the phone

Caldwell said he hung up the phone. A few minutes later, the man appeared at the reception.

She said she talked to the hotel’s general manager and the housekeeper, who spoke to the man while he threatened Caldwell.

Caldwell said that when she answered, the man ran towards her and tried to hit her. She said that while she was fighting back, she was repeatedly hit in the head, suffered a concussion, a swollen face and a severely injured right eye.

When he hit her, Caldwell claimed that the man called her “old monkey”.

Caldwell then said that when the police arrived, they told him to wait in the team’s lounge and not leave the room while examining the surveillance footage.

She said she went out into the hall to get ice on her face because she didn’t know an ambulance was coming.

However, once in the hall, Caldwell said that the man’s girlfriend yelled at him for scratching him and they tied him up, pushing her against the wall and then on the floor, kicking her. standing on your back and hurting your ribs.

She said she only managed to avoid being kicked in the face because she managed to get up off the floor.

Calling Caldwell a “ monkey ” in the second attack

In addition to calling Caldwell a “ monkey ” in the second attack, which occurred while the police were at the scene, she said the couple also said, “ Black Lives Matter? Your life doesn’t matter, you don’t deserve to live on this earth.

Caldwell’s family and other supporters complained that the police had authorized the couple to flee the site and did not immediately arrest them.

“There was no arrest. They took them to the hospital, not yet arrested. They were allowed to go back to the [hotel] to pick up their things and leave, are you serious? Caldwell’s nephew, Wayne Rawls, told The Day.

“I know that if it were me, I would be under prison, I would still be under this prison.”

The police presented a slightly different version of the events after their investigation.

Authorities said it was “completely untrue” to be at the scene when the second attack occurred.

The surveillance video showed that the first attack occurred at 11:33 am and that one of the witnesses – another hotel employee – took Caldwell to his office before calling the police.

Second attack

The second attack – also filmed – occurred at 11:37 am.

The attacks occurred “all before the police arrived at the Quality Inn,” officials said, saying the moment was confirmed by a surveillance video.

Police also said they did not find any witnesses who heard or saw the suspects – Sarner and Orbay – told Caldwell that “ black lives matter, your life does not matter, you do not deserve to live on this land. ”

The police also said the first attack occurred after Caldwell left the lobby, when she had a “verbal argument” with the suspect in a hallway. She “left and was chased and beaten,” said police.

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