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Who is Emily Sindt Owings ( WOMAN driver told police that she had to poop so bad ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Body camera footage, Arrest, Investigations and More Facts

Emily Sindt Owings

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Emily Sindt Owings, a FEMME driver told police she must have “done so much poo” before taking off and leading the officers in a high-speed chase, new body camera footage.

Emily Sindt Owings was pulled over last Tuesday

Emily Sindt Owings, of Oklahoma, was pulled over last Tuesday when a police officer noticed she was not wearing a seat belt, local police said.

Emily Sindt Owings Age

The 28-year-old had no ID or insurance information other than a medical marijuana card, KARK news channel reported.

After entering his information, the officer concluded that Ms Owings’ license had been revoked.

When the police officer informed Ms Owings that he was looking for pending arrest warrants, she told him, “But I’m so pooping.

After asking the officer why he wouldn’t let you go, he replied “because your license has been suspended!” Owings apologized and reiterated that she “didn’t know or I won’t be driving.”

“But can I go home and have a poo please?” Owings then asked.

The officer then concluded that there was an arrest warrant for Ms Owings for allegedly fighting an officer.

Emily Sindt Owings Arrested

The policeman asked Ms Ownings from his vehicle and told her that she had been arrested, the news channel reported.

“They have an arrest warrant in Woods County and they are coming to get you,” the officer said. But Ms Owings refused to cooperate and fled major performing authorities to pursue them for several blocks, the news agency reported.

Ms Owings reportedly walked through several stop signs before stopping and walking to police with guns, police said.

“Can I poop in your car?” the 28-year-old asked when she was brought into the police car.

“You could have been on your way to jail!” The officer said, to which she replied, “Yes, but don’t poop!”

Police said they discovered a pipe containing methamphetamine when they searched their car after the high-speed chase.

Later that morning, Ms Owings was sent to Garfield County Detention Center for reckless driving, exposure to driving and possession of drug paraphernalia, among others.