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Who is Erika Harris ( Woman was approached and molested by a crowd of Trump supporters ) Wiki, Bio, Incident details, Arrest, investigations and More Facts

Erika Harris

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Erika Harris, a woman was approached and molested by a crowd of Trump supporters … and her call for the police to do something – after someone allegedly sprayed her with masses of bears – appeared to have fallen into the trap deaf ear.

Erika Harris recorded her meeting with the pro-President Trump group Sunday night in Bakersfield, Calif. She says several of her vehicles prevented her from leaving a parking lot.

As you can see, the angry crowd approached their car and demanded them to come out shouting their vulgar names. You even hear a man calling you the n word.

As he got out of his vehicle, Harris was confronted by a woman who appeared to be trying to pick up her phone. Another man appeared to be armed but removed his weapons and equipment … when he told him to “come get him”.

At one point in the video, a man saw him spray something in his car. She accuses him of spraying her and others with masses of bears. When the officers showed up, Harris told them about the Mace, but no one seemed willing to help. One of them said that no crime had been committed and after a sardonic exchange … he just walked away.

Harris claims pro-Trump people have been protesting in their town for a month and she decided to start a counter-protest against Black Lives Matter nearby.

She says she was protesting elsewhere the night of this incident when the pro-Trump group showed up and harassed her. Many of them can be heard in the video yelling at them about BLM.

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