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Ethan Powell

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Ethan Powell collapsed and died after a Swansea City game, with yesterday’s balloon release for the dead teenager exploding into a full-scale riot.

“Are we going to die, mom?”

A scared six year old boy asked, “Are we going to die, mom?” When 200 Yobs set cars on fire after a vigil for a local teenager, they were in chaos.

A crowd of “invincible” thugs set fire to vehicles and tossed bricks through windows of the house during the riot in Swansea last night.

At one point the crowds cheered when a car was pushed down a hill into another blazing vehicle during the Maryhill violence.

Seven police officers suffered minor injuries after brazen Yobs fired rockets at them.

Families huddled in their homes as the mob raged in scenes classified as “utterly shameful” by Home Secretary Priti Patel.

Friends and relatives of Ethan Powell, 19, whose death started the riot, slammed the “disgusting” thugs.


Ethan collapsed and died after playing a game in Swansea City. Yesterday’s balloon release for the dead teenager exploded into an uproar.

The cause of his death is not yet known.

One mother, who refused to be named for fear of reprisals, said, “It was terrifying. My six year old boy asked me if we were all going to die.

“My 10 year old daughter says she never wants to spend another night here.

“A brick came through our window and a car blazed outside the front door – I could feel the heat of the flames.”

The teen’s cousin, Tegan Davies, said, “This is completely out of control!

“I know Ethan loved a fight with the police, but that has taken it to the next level. The children and people who live there are absolutely petrified!

“The videos that have been sent to me are disgusting, I know Ethan would never have made it this far. Bikes and balloons we said were not a bloody riot!”

Local residents spoke of their fears that the mob would storm their homes if they ran amok around Waun Wen Road.

Father of two Adam Romain said Yobs threw rocks at him and set his car on fire when his girlfriend and children were inside, ages four and 16 months.


But Adam said when the officers were confronted with the gang, they fled the scene before later returning with support.

Adam said, “I think when the police left the scene it gave this mob a sense of invincibility that made them unstoppable.

“They started throwing stones at me, they started throwing stones at my house, with my babies in the house.

“They threw those stones right at me through the front door – they weren’t afraid at all.”

It was terrifying. My six year old boy asked me if we were all going to die

A local mother

Jenny Gilmer, deputy chief of police for South Wales, said the force was “looking into what the trigger point or catalyst was”.

She said, “I want to assure the residents of Mayhill that we will maintain an increased police presence throughout the weekend.

“If those involved return and continue to jeopardize public safety, they will be treated severely.”

A 90-year-old woman who was home Thursday night during the riots has moved out to be cared for by relatives.

Another Ethan’s relative told Wales Online: “He would have been unbearable to see what happened.

“He would have tried to stop it – it’s not something he wanted to see.

“We can’t understand why people were laughing there. To see this going on in Ethan’s name is devastating.

“We mourn as a family and we want to be left alone to mourn in peace.”

Two more balloon release events are planned to mark Ethan’s death. Details will be published on social media.

Meanwhile, locals praised ex-boxer Ricky Owen, who arrived at the scene and urged the rioters to go home.

One council worker said, “He has great respect, and when he showed up with some of his friends, the rioters listened.

“There were only two cops here at the time, so he did a great job of calming things down.