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Who is Eve Black (Woman expected to be fined)? Wiki, Bio, Viral Video, Twitter, Facebook and More Details

Eve Black

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The woman, known as Eve Black , appeared to brag about dodging one of the police blocks in a video she uploaded to Facebook – but which has since been removed – where she seemed to refuse to provide the officer with details of where she was going.

Eve Black Police work hard to locate the woman

Victoria police are “working hard” to locate the woman who appears to have refused to tell the police where she was going at the vehicle checkpoint in Melbourne.

Victoria’s Prime Minister Daniel Andrews said today that he suspects the woman was fined, although she was unable to provide more information about the “well publicized” case.

“The Victoria police have this matter in hand, however. They are working hard to find this person,” said Andrews.
“And that person will have a legal reason to be in the Victoria area or not, and if they don’t, the Victoria Police, I’m sure, will inflict them. A fine. In the end, it’s not too much to ask.”

Black has deleted most posts from her Facebook page

Since then, Black has deleted most posts from her Facebook page, except for one where she said “she doesn’t regret it”.

Andrews said people who were not doing the right thing were making “selfish choices”.
“They are not even in the interest of the people themselves, because that just means those rules and that kind of conflict, which is totally unnecessary, by the way, but those rules will stay longer if people continue to behave in this way. Andrews said.


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