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Millionaire tech entrepreneur Fahim Saleh found dead, Wiki, Bio, Age, Career, Incident details, Investigations, Net Wealth, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and More Facts

Fahim Saleh

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The beheaded and dismembered body of a handmade millionaire Fahim Saleh was found in his luxury Manhattan apartment by his broken-hearted sister, and police are now looking for a professional killer who cuts the 33-year-old corpse with a saw. electric.

Fahim Saleh Age

He was 33 years old.

Fahim Saleh well-known millionaire tech entrepreneur

The man was identified by Fahim Saleh, a well-known millionaire tech entrepreneur.

The alarm went off when one of Saleh’s brothers worried after not hearing from him for a day.

She went to the seventh floor to check on her brother, but found a horrible sight.

The brother’s body had been cut with a chainsaw, which was nearby and still connected. The body parts were separated in different plastic bags.

Police believe they have surveillance footage of the suspect entering the building and then using the elevator.

Video shows the gloved suspect wearing gloves

The video shows the gloved suspect wearing gloves, as well as a hat and mask covering his face.

The two shared the elevator to the seventh floor, the door opening directly to Saleh’s apartment.

As soon as he entered his home, he was seen to fall to the ground after probably being shot or knocked out.

The way the assault took place led the police to believe that the murder was committed by a professional.

Saleh bought the luxury block for $ 2.25 million last year

Saleh bought the luxury block for $ 2.25 million last year and was proud of his new home, regularly posting photos and videos of the place on his Instagram.

His LinkedIn profile reveals how Saleh, a former website developer, became a venture capitalist and showed that he is the CEO of a motorcycle company in Lagos, Nigeria.

The company, Gokada, recently suffered serious setbacks after being banned by the Nigerian government earlier this year. He was forced to lay off about 50% of his team and to switch from a travel sharing service to a delivery service.

Upon returning to the apartment, the police discovered that Saleh’s legs under the knees, as well as his arms, had been removed, the missing body parts placed in bags.

New York Times said

Surprisingly, there was very little blood. The New York Times said that some efforts had been made to clarify the evidence.

Saleh was last seen on Monday afternoon in the elevator of his apartment building.

Surveillance footage also allegedly surprised the killer carrying a bag and waiting to enter the elevator with his victim.

The criminal had a suitcase. He was very professional, ” a police source told News.

Sources told the Post that when the two went up to the seventh floor apartment, Saleh looked puzzled, but as soon as he entered his home, the attack began.

Police are now investigating whether the arrival of the victim’s sister interrupted the dismemberment of Saleh’s body.

Detectives are also looking to see if the killer managed to escape through another outlet.

We have a trunk, head, arms and legs removed. Everything is still on the stage. We have no reason, “said the New York police sergeant. Said Carlos Nieves.

“Danny Faust told the Post. “

Police were later seen in the lobby of the East Houston 265 condominium, where they could be seen talking to a crying woman who is said to be one of Saleh’s two sisters. who found the body.

She was very upset. Tears. Shaking, “Danny Faust told the Post. “She was sitting there, but you can tell her legs were shaking. She is nervous. She was crying like, you know, wiping her eyes.

“She was screaming when she got out,” said Faust.

‘Corpse? OKAY. But when do you hear dismembered? That’s all. It’s kind of a sick spirit for someone to do that, ”he added.

On Tuesday afternoon, friends started showing up at his building. A couple believe Saleh must have been targeted.

“He was extremely intelligent, ambitious, very kind. Always smiling, ” a friend told The Daily News.

Friends have said that he was a millionaire passionate about gadgets and video games.

He also liked bringing tech companies to underdeveloped countries, including Nigeria and Indonesia.

He never said he was afraid, ”remembers another friend. “[He] has always been very fortunate.”

Online tributes

Online tributes were also paid to Saleh on Tuesday evening.

“Rest in peace Fahim Saleh. The most sincere condolences to your family and friends. The world is becoming more and more inhuman day by day, ” wrote Ashiq Rahman, a software engineer based in Toronto.