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Who is Fatima Usman ( Woman 20, Narrate how her father raped her ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Crime, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Fatima Usman

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20-year-old Fatima Usman condemned her father in a viral video for allegedly having s*x with her on multiple occasions.

In the two-and-ten-second video that went viral, he named his father Usman Momoh Sani, a state college employee.

She said the incident had gone on for years.

“Every time I refused to have s*x with my father, he would kick her out of the house at midnight. My dad slept with me for a long time and every time I refused he would send me out of the room.

“If I said I wanted to speak my voice, he would threaten to kill me.” He would take out a knife and show me that if I told someone he would kill me. My mom didn’t bother to check whether or not she was sleeping in the room. Every time my dad would send me out and I slept outside my mom would fall asleep she didn’t know what was going on. ”

The victim asked the government to help him get justice.

Additionally, a man who claimed to be the stepfather of the victim’s father posted another video saying the family stepped in after saying the devil was behind.

He said;

“When we found out about the case, we arrived at his home and Fatima’s father confessed to the act but said it was the devil who pushed him. “”

So we took the matter to our village in Delta State and the family said they had committed sacrilege. He was then asked to bring a few items as an atonement for the incestuous act and gave her the items, including the local yams, goat and gin.

“Then the village elders warned the girl not to go back to her father and stay with me.

He confirmed that the case was reported to a police station in the city and that Momoh was subsequently arrested, questioned and admitted. However, police public relations work has yet to comment on developments.