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Man from Illinois accused of murdering grandparents who carried him after he was released from prison, Wiki, Bio, Age, Arrest, Incident Details, Investigation and More Facts

Gabriel Tyson

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A Chicago bus driver Gabriel Tyson allowed his 21-year-old nephew, recently released from prison, to move into his home, which, according to local reports, became the scene of a bloody double murder Tuesday night.

Gabriel Tyson Age

Gabriel Tyson, 66, and his ex-wife Carmella Tyson, 65, were found stabbed to death at their home in Markham, Illinois.


According to CBS Chicago, the police arrested her nephew but did not immediately disclose his name. Authorities found him on Sawyer Avenue in the Chicago suburbs, allegedly sitting “silently” in a bedroom with kitchen knives.

His name was withheld until the charges were cleared, but authorities confirmed he is related to the victims, according to the Chicago Tribune.

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Gabriel Tyson, also known as Gabe, was a bus driver for the Chicago Transit Authority and lived on the street for decades, CBS Chicago reported.

“He had a good heart to let someone stay with you,” said his neighbor Fran Jurek in the middle. “I’m sure I wouldn’t do that if someone got out of jail. I’m sorry. And I’m a Christian woman.”

Jurek reportedly opened his door to another of Tyson’s nephews, who cared for victims when they didn’t answer his calls.

They called the police, who arrived and found Gabe’s body with multiple stab wounds. They continued to search the house and found Carmella Tyson’s body, also with multiple stab wounds.

An autopsy by the Cook County Coroner’s Office revealed that both deaths were homicides.

The killings take place amid increased violence in nearby Chicago. There were at least 387 shootings in August, up from 214 in August 2019.

So far, 10 city police officers have been killed in 2020, according to David Brown, city police superintendent. Another 41 officers were killed.

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