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Who is Gabriela Lima Santana ( Woman was found dismembered in a suitcase after her disappearance ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Gabriela Lima Santana

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In a horrific crime, a Brazilian gang allegedly dismembered a young woman and stuck her body in a suitcase before a city hall employee found it.

Gabriela Lima Santana, 21, was reported missing on March 13, although she may have gone missing earlier.

Almost two weeks earlier, police had received a video of a woman who, according to them, had been dismembered in a bathroom.

Santana’s body was not found until March 24, when urban workers in the southern Brazilian city of Capao da Canoa found her remains while digging a trench with a bulldozer.

As the drain was being dug, an arm flew from a suitcase towards one of the workers, eventually landing in the water and floating near the top.

Forensic investigators also found parts of the head, torso, legs and arm in the suitcase.

Also in the luggage were two kitchen knives and saws, which probably were used to cut Santana, as well as stones that could have helped sink the suitcase.

Santana could only be identified by her fingerprints and a tattoo believed to be related to a local gang, raising fears of possible retaliation.

Prior to Santana’s discovery, and even before her disappearance was reported, the local homicide department received a video on March 1 of a woman being dismembered in a bathroom.

video shows

This video shows a smiling person dismembering a person’s corpse, with pockets in the floor that can hold more body parts than her.

According to the US, Sun does not know how the police obtained the video or who provided it.

Two suspects were arrested: a 49-year-old man who appeared in the images and the 23-year-old man who allegedly made the video.

However, the police are still looking for at least two other suspects.

Gang violence is a serious problem in Brazil and last month ended in a terrible school shooting.

A teacher from the Sobral Pinto municipal school in Rio de Janeiro’s Praça Seca neighborhood recorded a video showing at least four children sitting in the center of the room when gunshots were heard in March.

The students covered their ears and seemed calm while the instructor in charge kept them calm in moments of tension.

The video was posted on social media by local activist René Silva and attracted more than 2 million views.

Rio de Janeiro military police attributed the shooting to rival criminal groups fighting for control of Praça Seca, the favela or the slum.