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Gamal Osman

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A HERO NHS doctor was killed by the coronavirus after telling his friends that ‘now is not the time for cowards’ when asked to withdraw from intensive care.

Gamal Osman, 63, died early yesterday morning after being admitted to intensive care when he contracted Covid-19.

The father of seven children lost his brother to the virus in September last year, and friends and family have asked him to minimize the risk by reducing his obligations.

However, the heroic North Bristol NHS Trust doctor told his colleagues that “now is not the time for cowards” and has continued to work.

Unfortunately, he only tested positive for coronavirus three weeks before front-line personnel were vaccinated.

Shattered colleagues paid tribute to Dr. Osman, an intensive care physician, who said that he “was always smiling.”

A GoFundMe page has been created to support his Birmingham-based family, which raised £ 50,000 in less than 24 hours.

His colleague, Dr. Prashanth Mamilla, said: “You can always count on Gamal to help you out. He was always smiling and being nice to everyone around him.

“Gamal was generous, calm, and an extremely popular member of the enthusiastic medical team.

“We all know that Covid has an increased risk for BAME and elderly patients. Gamal was aware of this risk, especially since he lost his brother to Covid in September 2020.

“Despite this tragedy and many conversations with friends, colleagues and family trying to convince him to minimize the risk from it, and despite being aware of the risk involved, he was determined to continue caring for critically ill patients with Covid.

“Oddly enough, he gathered his colleagues together and said, ‘Now is not the time for cowards.

“Unfortunately, he signed on with Covid with front-line staff three weeks before the vaccine was launched.

“His death is devastating for all of his colleagues, but especially for his wife and his seven children, who are now exposed to both the trauma of death and the financial burden it now places on them.

Dr. Mamilla said that he was the sole breadwinner in his family and that six of his children were under the age of 20, the youngest only seven.

He added: “His friends and colleagues constantly hoped that he would beat the odds and survive this disease, but unfortunately he did not.

“We want to pay tribute to the generosity that Gamal has shown and embodied every day to help his family through this difficult time.

“If you have known Gamal in your professional life, or if you are simply interested in helping and feel that you can contribute to the well-being and financial security of your wife and children, we ask that you share this and consider making a donation that seems appropriate to you.”