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Gareth Carr

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A talented rugby league player Joe Sharratt has permanent hearing loss in one ear after being hit on the ground in a fight with six nightclub wardens Gareth Carr, according to a court.

Joe Sharratt a former player at the St. Helens Academy

Joe Sharratt, a former player at the St. Helens Academy, was told by doctors to stop playing the sport after the December 2018 incident, in which he suffered two brain bleeds, but chose to pursue his dream of becoming a professional.

He was attacked outside the Factory nightclub in central Manchester, just hours after representing Lancashire in a match against Australia at Etihad Stadium.

A Lancaster University student and his friend Leon Cooper were escorted from the site in the early hours of December 2, after a fight with a group of men, heard the Manchester Crown Court.

A heated discussion ensued which turned into a fight with the two men over the door staff, said prosecutor Hugh McKee.

Mr. Sharratt’s blows was hit in the face

One of Mr. Sharratt’s blows was hit in the face by “powerfully built” doorman Gareth Carr, who knocked him out when he fell back and hit his head on the ground.

The attack was captured by CCTV and the mobile phones of members of the immediate public.

Sharratt was treated in hospital for five days and now suffers from permanent hearing loss in the left ear.

He also suffers from ringing constantly in the same ear.

The court learned that he had taken a year off before the attack to devote himself to the rugby league.

He said that the sport he played since childhood was a “massive part” of his life.

In the victim’s personal statement, he said, “ The doctors told me that if I had another concussion, they wouldn’t let me play rugby anymore.

‘I was devastated.

“I was allowed to play, but I was warned not to do so, but because it was my passion that I made the decision to play.

“I just want to continue my life and I don’t want this attack to take anything away from me.”

Carr of Denbigh Road

Carr of Denbigh Road, Denton, was jailed for 21 months yesterday after pleading guilty at a previous hearing for causing grievous bodily harm and contempt.

Colleagues, Amjad Yasin, 38, Imran Ilyas, 41, Lee Clark, 42, Mohammed Saleem, 22 and Javd Solimanbolagh, 25, were given suspended sentences after admitting the affront and are also expected to work 150 hours of unpaid work. community.

Solimanbolagh of Higher Lane, Whitefield and Saleem of Kingsway, Manchester received 18 months each; Yasin, of Latimer Street, Oldham and Ilyas, of Gainsborough Avenue, Oldham, each received 15 months and Clark, of Epson Avenue, Sale, received a term of 17 months.

All sentences have been suspended for two years.

Justice Suzanne Goddard, QC, said

Justice Suzanne Goddard, QC, said: “It appears that all of the training that the guards must have received has been overlooked and that excessive and unnecessary force has been used.

“It is incomprehensible that what was a minor incident at the beginning cannot be controlled peacefully and legally by a group of mainly experienced and trained guards.

The behavior of the accused that night was a shocking example of how quickly a situation can get out of hand if the guards at these locations ignore their training and instead resort to a “ if a client hits me, I will push you back.