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George Alexander Trebek

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George Alexander Trebek was born on July 22, 1940 and grew up in Sudbury, Ontario. His father emigrated from Ukraine; his mother was French-Canadian

After studying at university and graduating in philosophy, George Alexander Trebek worked on radio and television in his native Canada for 12 years.

He moved to Los Angeles in 1973 for The Wizard of Odds and hosted many shows, High Rollers, Double Dare, before joining Jeopardy! in 1984

He died on Sunday morning surrounded by family and friends.

George Alexander Trebek, whose wit, pronunciation and steady hand have helped create Jeopardy! For 36 years He died of a monster at the age of 80.

The beloved television presenter died early Sunday morning, according to TMZ.

A spokesman for the show told the newspaper: “Jeopardy is sad that Alex Trebek died peacefully this morning in his home, surrounded by family and friends.”

Trebek was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer in March 2019.

Trebek was new to radio and television in his native Canada and did several game shows in Hollywood before landing on the Jeopardy! Revival. The show has become “part of American life,” wrote Trebek in his 2020 autobiography.

“ Viewers got used to having me there, not so much as a personality on the show, but as an uncle. I’m more of a part of the family than an outside celebrity coming to your home to entertain you.

Trebek Family

Trebek, whose family called him “Sonny”, grew up in the nickel mining town of Sudbury, Ontario. He studied philosophy out of necessity to find his way to college. Bilingual Trebek promoted and presented the CBC on radio and television in English and French for 12 years before moving to Los Angeles in 1973 to host The Wizards of Odds.

He stays with his 30-year-old wife, Jean, and their two children, Matthew and Emily. Trebek was close to his first wife’s daughter, Nicky. He married Elaine Callei in 1974 and they divorced in 1981.

Despite numerous awards and prizes, the host, whose beard or lack of it has sparked speculation and media coverage, has remained humble and has commented in his memoir: “I’ve never seen myself as special.”

In the late 1920s, his father, George Edward Terebeychuk, left Ukraine for Canada. After George changed his last name to Trebek to match his cousin, George began working in kitchens and cooking in kitchens first in Toronto and then in Sudbury, a town known for its nickel mining in Ontario.

In Sudbury, George was co-director of the kitchen at the Nickel Range Hotel and met Lucille Lagace. They married in December 1939 because Lucille was pregnant. George Alexander Trebek was born on July 22nd, 1940 in a “little hut in a house directly behind my grandparents’ house”. There was no doctor.

His sister Barbara was born on October 14, 1941, and Trebek recalls a childhood surrounded by an extended family in Sudbury and for a time in Toronto. He often watched his uncles, who were under construction, while they were building and painting. He also spent a lot of time with his father while he worked as a cook, writing that “Cooking has become my home away from home”.

Since his mother was French-Canadian, Trebek was bilingual and described herself as a “good primary school student”. I have good marks. A fucking shaker.

He called him Sonny growing up in his family, and as a teenager he used his middle name Alex to avoid confusion with his father. According to his autobiography, the answer is … thoughts about my life.

“I never thought we were poor. We exist like everyone else. My friends and I were lower middle class children from lower middle class families. We play all sports: hockey, baseball, softball, basketball, soccer. I hurt my knee while playing soccer. Some parents owned their own houses. Some parents praised it. We were all part of the same community. ‘

And although his parents take great care of each other, Trebek noticed that they don’t go well together: “Dad smoked and drank a lot. Mama was sober and smarter than him. Divorce was almost unknown in our church, but it broke up and caused me endless pain.

Education Background

When his parents separated, Trebek was sent to the University of Ottawa residential school and started doing business. His behavior was “so undisciplined” that he and his father had to ask the principal to allow him to stay at the school. Trebek was later, according to his memoirs, a well-mannered and well-mannered student.

He tried to pay for college with the army, but he rebelled against its rules. Back in Sudbury and penniless, he completed the so-called “year of enrollment” or the equivalent of a first year of study in Canada. He went to prom, but Trebek wrote that he was “very shy around girls. I was not ahead at all. You should throw me into a girl’s arms and she should be happy to accept me for something to happen.”

Trebek studied philosophy at the University of Ottawa because it allowed him to work part-time to pay for his studies. “Growing up, I wanted to be a pilot, a doctor or a prime minister of Canada,” he wrote, adding that at one point he was also considering medicine. But when he discovered radio, all these professions were abandoned.

It took him a while to get to work. Trebek recalls having a good audition, but was not hired due to his inexperience. “Perhaps my rebellious tendency prevented me from accepting a negative answer,” he wrote before contacting the CBC, known as the CBC. “I still have the audition tape.

He was hired for a temporary summer position and then filled during other vacations. CBC offered Trebek a full-time position, which he accepted on the condition that he graduate for the first time.

After graduation, he worked in Ottawa for two years before being transferred to CBC’s national headquarters in Toronto in the early 1960s. It hosted the Canadian equivalent of American Bandstand, a show called Music Hop. The show was his first “celebrity” show, he recalls. He had done live television in Ottawa, but wrote: “Regardless of your experience, live television is always a challenge. If you failed on television, which I did, you better learn to redeem yourself …

“Doing stupid things on live TV taught me an important lesson in show business: learn to laugh at yourself.

Trebek has been a handyman at CBC for 12 years. He has covered sporting events such as curling tournaments, presents orchestras and ballet performances, and has organized contests such as Reach for the Top, where Canadian students competed for scholarships, according to his memoirs. He began to think about a career in the United States.

His Canadian partner Alan Thicke enters.

Trebek met Thicke when he hosted a variety show called After Noon and Thicke appeared on it. Thicke, best known for Jason Seaver on the hit television show Growing Pains in the 1980s and early 1990s, was also a songwriter who wrote theme songs for television and produced several shows. Thicke, who now lives in Los Angeles, called Trebek for a new game show he was working on called The Wizard of Odds.



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