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George Bosick

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Court documents released Tuesday reveal a Billings Police Department investigation into a shooting at the Lazy KT Motel on Saturday, March 6.

Documents indicate that BPD agents responded to the Lazy KT Motel around 10:06 pm on March 6. for a recorded take. Immediately, Officer Malcolm pointed in the direction of a man who appeared to have fled the scene. Malcolm said that he ordered the man to stop running and show his hands. The man did and went out. Agent Malcolm said he saw a black pistol.

Suspect Identified

The man was later identified as George Bosick.

According to Malcolm, Bosick said “it was an accident.” He also noticed that Bosick’s hands were covered in blood. The documents indicate that cover agents have arrived and that Bosick has been handcuffed.

According to court documents, Agents Malcolm and Messershmidt located the victim in one of the motel rooms. They said that she was lying on her back with a large head wound that was bleeding profusely.

Court documents indicate that the victim identified Bosick as a shooter. She then she was taken to the San Vicente hospital for treatment.

Bosick was put into an officer’s car where he was found sweating, crying and asking to be informed of his “wife’s” condition. He allegedly said that he drew the gun from him “to shoot the neighbors”.

After being taken to the mayor’s office and reading his rights, the documents stated that Bosick admitted that he shot the victim in the head and that it was an accident.

At the hospital, the victim allegedly informed the police that she had a temporary relationship with Bosick, but had recently broken up with him. He said Bosick insisted on dating her and did not want to leave the motel the night of the shooting after repeatedly telling him to leave her. She said Bosick left but came back with a gun. He told the police that they started fighting. Bosick told her that he was going to shoot her and she kept asking him to get away from her. He later reported that he heard a loud bang and that everything “went black”.

Bosick is charged with the crime of assault with a firearm.

The investigation is ongoing.