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Gerard Depardieu

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French actor Gerard Depardieu has been charged with rape and sexual assault allegedly committed against an actress in her twenties in 2018.

Initial investigation

An initial investigation into rape allegations against Depardieu, 72, was suspended for lack of evidence, but later reopened, leading to criminal charges in December, a court source told AFP on Tuesday.

The French actor was initially charged with assaulting and raping an actress in her twenties at his Paris home in August 2018.

An investigation into the allegations was closed in 2019, but the actress has reopened the case, Paris prosecutors said last year.

Depardieu has been described as a controversial and larger-than-life character and became the face of French cinema due to roles in films such as Cyrano de Bergerac, Jean de Florette, and Camille Claudel.

He also had a successful international career, having made more than 180 films including with Peter Weir in Green Card and with Ridley Scott in 1492.

The preliminary investigation opened on August 27, 2018 after the young woman filed a rape and sexual aggression complaint against the star near the southern city of Aix-en-Provence.

It was then relayed to officials in Paris, but the probe was dropped after nine months in early 2019 after investigators failed to collect enough evidence to bring formal charges.

At the time, Depardieu’s attorney, Herve Temime, said the actor “absolutely denies any rape, sexual assault, crime” and dismissed the complaint as “unfounded.”

The young woman re-initiated the proceedings by appearing as the “injured party” – which, under French law, almost always results in a case being examined by an examining magistrate.

Depardieu made a name for himself in 1974 in the film “Going Places”, after which he experienced a meteoric rise and demonstrated talent and attraction in wide-ranging roles in classics, dramas and comedies alike.

In 2013, Depardieu sparked a huge outcry when he left France and adopted Russian citizenship in protest at a planned tax hike for the rich in his homeland.

Russian President Vladimir Putin treated him to dinner to present him with his new citizenship, and Depardieu was full of praise afterwards in an interview with Komsomolskaya Pravda daily.

The French actor’s romantic story was tumultuous when he divorced his first wife, actress Elisabeth Guignot, in 1996.

Depardieu then dated Carole Bouquet from 1997 to 2005. Ms. Bouquet is also a successful French actress who checkered Melina Havelock in the 1981 James Bond film For Your Eyes Only.

In addition to his romantic life, the actor made headlines for his public debate over tax regulations in France and his decision to become a resident of Russia.

The Cyrano de Bergerac star took up residence in Belgium after a bitter dispute with the French government over high tax rates.

He later became a Russian citizen in 2013 after becoming friends with President Vladimir Putin.

The green card star caused controversy back then after slamming his home country.

He described France as a place “populated by foreigners and fools who make wine and smelly cheese”.

In 2014, he was accused of throwing water on night owls under his Italian apartment after being annoyed by the noise.

And in 2011 he had to apologize for urinating in a bottle on a flight from Paris to Dublin after the flight crew told him that he would have to wait at least 15 minutes to use the on-board toilets.

The actor was fined in 2013 after falling drunk off his scooter in Paris.

He failed to appear at the hearing where he was fined € 4,000 and his license was suspended for six months.

Depardieu was also never afraid of throwing a punch in the film industry and popping the Oscars in 2016.

He said: “There is no longer any cinema. There is a world of entertainment and the people terrorized by the Americans no longer know which language to speak. ‘

‘There are 10 stars and they are all American. Your films are full of special effects … and the rest of the world of cinema is struggling to survive. ‘