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Who is Ghislaine Maxwell (British socialite)? Wiki, Bio, Age, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and More Facts

Ghislaine Maxwell

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Ghislaine Maxwell “has records of two high-level American politicians having s*x with minors” and boasted of “possessing” powerful people, according to a former friend.

Ghislaine Maxwell Age

He is 58 years old.

Former jewelry thief

The former jewelry thief, who used the pseudonym William Steel, said he “forced” him to watch the set because he wanted to convince him of his “power”.

He also claimed to have seen clips of “celebrities” and “figures of the world” having “triplets, even orgies” with minors.

Ghislaine Maxwell Arrested

Maxwell was arrested last Thursday for helping to attract at least three girls – including a 14-year-old girl – to be s*xually abused by Epstein, who was accused of victimizing dozens of girls and women by many years.

Steel told The Sun, “They wanted to convince me of their power and those they held. They boasted of “possessing” powerful people.

He added: “I have seen videos of very powerful people – celebrities, figures of the world – in these videos who have s*x, threesomes and even orgies with minors.”

The former friend also mentioned two “high-level” American politicians who were on video with minors.

Ghislaine Maxwell daughter of the late British publishing magnate Robert Maxwell

Maxwell, daughter of the late British publishing magnate Robert Maxwell, is the ex-girlfriend of Epstein and his longtime partner.

She is accused of having facilitated her crimes and, on certain occasions, joined him to s*xually abuse girls, according to the charge brought against her.

Several victims of Epstein described Maxwell as their main facilitator, recruiting and caring for girls for abuse. She denied wrongdoing and filed complaints against her “absolute waste”.

Maxwell was arrested last week by a team of federal agents in a million-dollar estate she bought in New Hampshire. Investigators monitored Maxwell and knew that she was hiding in several places in New England.

She changed her email address, ordered packages with someone else’s name, and registered at least one new phone number with the nickname “G Max,” prosecutors said.

New York District Court

The British socialite will appear in New York District Court on July 14 at 1 p.m. and the hearing will take place via video link due to the coronavirus.

She will join the Hellhole prison where she is being held and only judge Alison Nathan will be present with a prosecutor and a defense lawyer.

Maxwell – a friend of billionaires, celebrities, presidents and royalty before her arrest – faces a federal indictment on six counts which could see her imprisoned for 35 years.

She is charged with four counts of acting like Epstein’s wife, chasing and “ training ” girls to abuse in the late 1990s.

Two other charges charge her with lying about an abuse in court when she was prosecuted by one of the victims – Virginia Roberts – in 2015.

However, observers and experts believe that this is not the main objective of the state, and an agreement will probably be proposed to appeal to other members of the circle of Epstein.

Initially, Epstein was imprisoned for 18 months in 2008, after being convicted of a single charge of soliciting s*x with a child prostitute, although he faced a step up to an FBI charge of 53 pages.