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Who is Giuseppe Pompa ( Father 52, Killed by his son to save his mum ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Crime, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Giuseppe Pompa

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A teenager who stabbed his abusive father to death to save his mother has been charged with murder despite praise from ministers for his actions.

Alex Pompa, 18, admitted to killing his father, Giuseppe Pompa, 52, by stabbing him 24 times as he tried to protect his mother from another attack.

Investigators found that the mistreatment of the father continued for years before Pompa’s death in the Italian community of Collegno in April last year.

Joseph was an obsessively jealous man, they said, who called his wife hundreds of times a day to see how she was.

On the night of the crime, Alex and his brother texted their uncle asking for help as they feared further violence.

He said, “Only you are listening. You must take drastic measures.

“Here we are all risking our lives.”

Later that night, as Alex feared his father, Giuseppe would launch another violent attack on his wife after claiming to see one of his co-workers put a hand on her shoulder.

He mistreated her and threw a phone in her face when Alex entered to protect his mother.

The 17-year-old took a kitchen knife and stabbed his father repeatedly until his death.

Then Alex called the police, took action and admitted what he had done.

He was initially placed under house arrest at his family’s home where the crime was committed, but judges later ruled that it would be too traumatic a place for him.

One of Alex’s classmates offered to keep him at home under house arrest.

At his friend’s house, Alex managed to pass his final exams with a score of 87 out of 100 and enroll in college.

The then Education Minister, Lucía Azzolina, even called him on the phone to congratulate and support him.

Alex, who has never denied the murder, is on trial after prosecutors confirmed he pressured him.

The charge he is facing in a criminal court is willful murder with the aggravating circumstance of having acted against a parent.

The investigation was officially closed in a report and handed over to prosecutors, who lodged a complaint.

The defense now has 20 days to appeal.

But even under possible extenuating circumstances, the young man had to spend more than 20 years in prison.

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