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Who is Glen Samuel McCurley ( Man of 77, Charged with murder of ”Carla Jan Walker” ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Details, Investigations and More Facts

Glen Samuel McCurley

Glen Samuel McCurley Biography                                Glen Samuel McCurley Wiki

  • Glen Samuel McCurley, 77, has been charged with death penalty murder in Fort Worth, Texas, in a cold 46-year-old case.
  • McCurley allegedly abducted 17-year-old Carla Jan Walker from her boyfriend’s car after a high school Valentine’s dance in 1974.
  • Authorities said Walker was beaten, sexually assaulted, strangled and tortured before her body was found three days later.
  • McCurley’s DNA profile found a match on GEDmatch, an online service that compares DNA files from various testing companies.
  • He was arrested in September and held in the Tarrant County Jail.

A man accused of snatching a young woman from her boyfriend’s car nearly 50 years ago and killing her has been charged with murder punishable by death after his DNA profile matches the genetic family history database.

Glen Samuel McCurley, of Fort Worth, Texas, has been charged with the death of Carla Jan Walker, a 17-year-old girl who was kidnapped and murdered in February 1974.

The Fort Worth Police Department first arrested McCurley, 77, in September, saying they believed the brutal attack was accidental, reports NBC 5.

McCurley and Walker shouldn’t have met.

McCurkey was captured after his DNA profile found a match using GEDmatch, an online service that compares DNA files from various testing companies. Golden State Killer Joseph James DeAngelo was also caught with GEDMatch.

Walker was kidnapped on February 16, 1974, while attending a Valentine’s Day prom with her boyfriend Rodney McCoy at Western Hills High School.

The pair stopped at a local bowling alley after the ball, but were reportedly attacked while back in McCoy’s vehicle.

McCurley allegedly grabbed Walker from the passenger seat of McCoy’s car in the parking lot before pointing a gun at him.

McCurley allegedly threatened to kill McCoy, but the boy said he passed out and that Walker was gone when he woke up.

Walker’s body was discovered three days later, on February 20, 1974, in a sewer near Lake Benbrook.

She was raped, beaten, strangled and tortured during her life for two days. Authorities say they found morphine in Walker’s system.

NBC 5 reports that authorities linked McCurley to Walker’s death after a breakthrough in her DNA profile in September.

The DNA evidence obtained from Walker’s clothing and bra that night was sent to Othram, a private laboratory that determines genetic identities from difficult tests such as decades-old bones and hairless hair. Estate

A full DNA profile was created from the suspect, whereas previously only partial profiles were created, reports NBC 5.

Ortham’s DNA profile has led investigators to see three brothers named McCurley.

The investigator’s recent investigation was not the first time McCurley has been selected as the person interested in Walker’s death.

He had a Ruger 22 pistol that went with a 1974 crime scene magazine.

McCurley was first interviewed in 1974, but received no follow-up requests until his DNA profile found a match on GEDmatch.

NBC 5 reports that in July 2020, authorities obtained trash outside of McCurley’s home. They found that the DNA from these objects matched the profile they had collected on Walker’s clothing.

Investigators spoke with McCurley at her Fort Worth residence on September 10, where they again claimed that she did not know Walker and did not kill her.

McCurley provided police with a DNA sample that they said matched the DNA found on Walker’s bra.

NBC 5 reports that McCurley was booked into the Tarrant County Jail on a $ 100,000 bond.

Authorities said McCurley has been married for 46 years and has two children. He was not suspected of any other crime.

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