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Who was Gospel Gbaraka ( Security guard shoot by police officer in river state ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Gospel Gbaraka

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A maritime police officer assigned to a Aboema Pier business in Port Harcourt, Rivers state on Sunday, Nov. 22, reportedly killed a 28-year-old man identified as a gospel gbaraka, PM News reports

The deceased was believed to have been a security officer until his death assigned to Bulk Strategic Reserve Limited, a company in the Aboema Wharf area of ​​the state capital, while the alleged policeman was an Inspector James who works for the maritime base police force . Station in the city.

Eyewitnesses claim that Inspector James shot Gbaraka with his AK 47 assault rifle.

Comrade Legborsi Yamaabana, a young ethnic leader from Rivers state who confirmed the incident in a statement, shared photos of the deceased’s father crying after seeing his body as he called for justice and an investigation into the murder. 

The statement says;

“The Ogoni Youth Federation (OYF) in the world received disturbing and shocking news today, Sunday 22 November 2020, of the extrajudicial murder of one of its brilliant young men, Mr. Gospel Gbaraka, by Nigerian Police Officer Inspector James, who was in the Police Station at Port Harcourt Naval Base, Rivers State, is currently being held at Mile One Police Station.

“The late Gospel Gbaraka was a 28-year-old from the Gwara Ward, Khana region, Rivers state, and a Gbaraka employee before being prematurely interrupted by a gun barrel for the security of Bulk Strategic Reserve Limited, one in the Aboema neighborhood of Port Harcourt Quay.

“Gospel Gbaraka was on duty at his security post this morning. There were no clashes, civil unrest or crisis situations in the company involving groups of people who needed live ammunition to disperse the crowd, and no problems between the deceased and the inspector. James.

According to eyewitness accounts, Inspector James accidentally or deliberately unloaded his AK 47 assault rifle and then killed Mr. Gospel Gbaraka in cold blood.

“As a youth organization, we are deeply saddened that this young man’s life has been taken, especially now that Nigeria is at a crossroads and the world has woken up to the demands of the #EndSars protesters whose goal is to get the recurring decimal place break up. Police Brutality and Extrajudicial Murders This is one of many as the Nigerian Police have also killed other sons / daughters of Ogoni.

“The Ogoni youth immediately demand justice for the life of the Gbaraka gospel. We urge the Rivers State Command Police Commissioner to investigate this terrible incident and ensure that the officer who made the mistake is prosecuted and prosecuted. At least the family of the deceased deserves the consolation that the child’s life has not been unfairly wasted in vain.

The late father Innocent Gbaraka, a 62-year-old retiree from Gwara Township in the Khana region, said he had no reason to go on living after his son passed away. Gbaraka threatened to end his life if the murder of his only son was not considered.