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Who is Gotz Neef ( A Wildlife researcher survived from lion attack ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Information and More Facts

Gotz Neef

Gotz Neef Biography                                                     Gotz Neef Wiki

A WILDLIFE researcher survived a fierce attack from a hungry lion after fighting the powerful animal while camping in Botswana.

Incident details

Gotz Neef, a 32-year-old outdoor expert, was sleeping when he heard a noise outside his tent while working in the Okavango Delta in Botswana, southern Africa.

The camper saw the shape of a nose penetrate his tent and hit as hard as possible before realizing that he simply pissed off a hungry lion outside.

Within five minutes, Mr. Neef was forced to fight the predator life and death while he tried to defend himself from the lion.

“I didn’t know what was outside my store and I started calling for help and hit my nose as hard as possible with my fist, then he attacked me and I tried to bite and maim myself,” he said.

“I tried to crawl into a corner of my tent and use my sleeping bag to scare the lion away, but I was determined to face myself.

“The lion started to bite me and grabbed my head but I managed to get it out and pressed my left elbow against his face and he started to bite my arm and I screamed in pain.

Painful Injuries

Fortunately, Mr. Neef had 16 extremely painful deep bites sewn into his arms, shoulders and head that left him covered in blood, and he was even scratched by the lion.

He was only saved when researcher Dr. Rainer Von Brandis ran half naked from his nearby tent to attack the lion, armed with a single branch.

Dr. Von Brandis, 46, said: “I think it was not a pretty sight in an open-waisted shirt with a beacon yelling at the lion attacking my friend! “”

The Cape Town married father of two and Wild Bird Trust research director was with his friend Mr. Neef on an expedition to Botswana.

The two men were part of a team of eight members of the Wild Bird Trust on an expedition to Botswana funded by the National Geographic Society of the United States.

He said: “I heard Gotz Neef yelling that there was something big outside his tent, and I ran into the darkness with my headlamp and saw that this big male lion” had collapsed in his tent.

“There was a claw on Gotz Neef, and I just saw a big pile of dried elephant dung and knocked the lion down hard.

“It didn’t work so I threw out the thorny branches, but it didn’t work either and the lion now had Götz on his elbow and was seriously chewing on him and my friend screamed.

“I was almost naked and I even screamed and ran up to the lion and hit him with a big piece of tree, but it didn’t work.

The ranger Tomalets Setlabosha joined the terrible attack.

“I smashed the lion with the branch, but he kept chewing on Gotz and blinked when the Tomalets thundered that scared the hippos near him,” added Dr. Da Brandis added.

Last Chance

“The lion jumped a bit, but he was so hungry and so desperate and this was his last chance to kill for food or he would die, so he started his attack again and tried to eat Goetz again.”

According to wildlife researchers, the lion was old and hunted for pride.

“What happened was extremely rare when an old lion was kicked out of his pride and starved to death. To get a meal was his last roll of the dice and he was so desperate,” explained Dr. De. Brandis.

Eventually, the men managed to keep the lion away from his mate, who had deep, gaping wounds from the attack.

They were forced to euthanize the predator, who they said “no longer had the ability to destroy the game on its own,” so they entered the camp for a simple meal.

This was followed by a three-hour trip to the nearest hospital, 80 kilometers away, in the city of Maun, before Mr. Neef flew to Windhoek, Namibia, where he lives.

Mr. Neef is recovering from the incredible experience at the Namibian hospital.

In Africa, lions are believed to kill up to 200 people a year in the wild, with the attacks mainly coming from older men who can no longer hunt.

A healthy male lion can run up to 80 km / h and weigh 190 kg. He is 1.2m tall at the shoulder.