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How Iowa professor accused of murder in husband’s bizarre death? Gowun Park Biography, Age, Charges, Her Emails to the Students, how she tied her husband and More Interesting Facts to Know

gowun park

Gowun Park Short Biography

According to a report, an economics professor Gowun Park at a private Iowa college was arrested after her husband’s death after being tied, gagged, and tied to a chair.

Gowun Park- Age

She is 41 years old.

Gowun Park- Charged with Murder

Gowun Park was charged with murdering the bizarre death of Sung Woo Nam on Wednesday, police in western Iowa said. Nam, also 41, died on Saturday.

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Gowun Park- Emailed Her Students to Cancel Classes for the Whole Week

Her students at Simpson College, Indianola, knew something was wrong when she emailed them on Sunday that their classes for the week had been canceled due to a “personal problem,” the Des Moines Register reported.

Last night, she called 911 to report an unconscious person at home.

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Gowun Park- Tied Her Husband hands and Feet with Cable

Police said Park tied her husband’s hands and feet with cable ties and tied him to a chair with a rope, the newspaper said.

According to the newspaper, the file said Park had taped Nam’s mouth after putting “a piece of clothing” in his throat to keep him from screaming.