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Who was Gracie Crowder ( 19-Month child murder by her mother by eposing her to hot water ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Details, Investigations and More Facts

Gracie Crowder

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  • Gracie Crowder died shortly after she was hospitalized on March 6th this year.
  • He suffered from deep burns that covered 65% of the boy’s body surface.
  • Mom Katie Crowder is accused of killing her daughter by exposing her to hot water
  • The accident is said to have occurred at Katie Crowder in Mansfield.

An addicted mother burned her 19-month-old daughter to death and screamed in pain while “covering her tracks” for at least an hour, a court heard.

Gracie Crowder died shortly after she was hospitalized on March 6, after suffering deep burns that covered 65% of the baby’s body surface.

Her 26-year-old mother, Katie Crowder, is accused of killing the girl by exposing her to hot water in her Mansfield home and then “cleaning” her for the next hour before being brought home to his parents on the street .

Nottingham Crown Court learned that upon arriving at Paul and Karen Crowder’s house, the defendant panicked when he knocked on the door before telling his parents, “She is dead, she is dead.”

Attorney Sally Howes QC said after Gracie suffered cardiac arrest, Crowder’s mother asked the defendant, “What did you do?” to which she replied “I don’t know, I found her like this.”

The jury heard the 26-year-old defendant tell police that he had “cleaned up a puppy mess” and found his daughter face down in the bathroom next to a broomstick.

Prosecutors said a Home Office pathologist concluded that the girl would scream “violently” until the pain was alleviated and organ failure was about an hour.

Opening the case against Crowder on Thursday, Ms. Howes said: “It is the case of the Crown that you can rest assured that Gracie Crowder was killed by her mother’s willful and unlawful act.

“Gracie Crowder’s death was not instantaneous. It would be about an hour before he died.

You may be wondering why the delay in looking for help?

“This is the case with Crown that Katie Crowder covered her tracks on: she knew what she had done.

“He was cleaning up, he was cleaning up, he was trying to figure out how to explain what he had done.”

Ms. Howes told the jury that the amount of cocaine found in Crowder’s blood four hours after the incident was consistent with the defendant taking the Class A drug an hour before Gracie’s death.

The court heard that the defendant had commented on her daughter in the past, saying, “I have to take her to kindergarten, I never have a break.”

She was arrested at King’s Mill Hospital, Sutton, Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, and when alerted Crowder said, “What? I would never hurt her.

Crowder of Wharmby Avenue denies a single murder charge.