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Who is Gregory Alan Lane ( 2 teachers at same Alabama school had s*xual contact with students ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Arrest, Investigation and More Facts

Gregory Alan Lane

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Two high school teachers Jeremiah Douglas Farmer and Gregory Alan Lane in eastern Alabama were arrested after authorities alleged they were s*xually involved with two teenage students.

Jeremiah Douglas Farmer Age

Jeremiah Douglas Farmer, 23, is accused of having s*xual contact with a student and distributing obscene materials to a student. Gregory Alan Lane, 27, is charged with deviant s*x with a student and s*xual contact with a student.

The two were arrested on Friday, said Matthew Wade, Calhoun County Sheriff. The farmer’s bond was set at $ 15,000 and Lane’s bond at $ 22,500. Both were teachers at Walter Wellborn High School and Lane was also a trainer. Both are no longer employed at the school.

It was not immediately clear whether they had mandated lawyers to speak on their behalf.

Wade said on Monday that the investigation began when a student who was not involved in the alleged criminal behavior learned of inappropriate behavior between the two teachers and two students and reported it to officials in the school. The school immediately contacted the sheriff’s office.

“They interacted with two different students and sent nude photos back and forth,” Wade said. “One of them we know has had s*x and the other has had s*xual touching.”

He said Farmer and Lane were aware of each other’s actions. “The two male teachers were in touch and knew what the other was doing,” the sheriff said.

Court records indicate that Farmer was with the student from Nov.7 to Feb.19.

During the investigation, Wade said, detectives learned that the two teachers were also selling THC pods and marijuana to students. “These are just two really bad guys,” he said.

“There is an ongoing investigation and there may be other charges,” Wade said.