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Gregory Bush

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The families of two people killed in a racially motivated murder at a suburban Kentucky grocery store have finally seen justice

Gregory Bush was sentenced to life in prison without parole Tuesday for the murders of Maurice Stallard, 69, and Vickie Jones, 67, in 2018, according to the Jefferson County Courthouse.

Bush has pleaded guilty, but suffers from mental disorders, murder, attempted murder, and intentional danger.

Bush, 53, who is white, also agreed to plead guilty to federal hate crimes. His victims were black and the killings, which took place in October 2018, were racist, authorities said.

“Vickie Jones and Maurice Stallard were insanely murdered for the color of their skin. Our entire community and the Commonwealth were lost in racial hostility,” Jefferson County Attorney Tom Wine said in a statement. Press release.

Defense attorney Angela Elleman Said?

CNN was unable to reach a Bush attorney, but Louisville Metro defense attorney Angela Elleman told CNN affiliate WDRB in a statement that Bush’s mental illness was not treated on the day of the killings. He pleads guilty but suffers from mental illness and is treated and cared for in prison, Elleman said.

“On the day of this tragedy, Bush’s schizophrenia was not being treated with drugs, so he was tortured by rumors that threatened to kill him and his family,” Elleman said. “He recovered from his psychosis and illness while his elderly parents searched the center for an arrest warrant to take him to the hospital for everyone’s safety.”

However, court documents show that Bush has made racist threats in the past, according to the WDRB.

Bush killed Stallard at a Kroger grocery store where he was helping his 12-year-old nephew buy a billboard for the boy’s school project. Jones was killed in the store’s parking lot in Jeffersontown, a suburb of Louisville, on October 24, 2018.

Kelly Watson, Stallard’s daughter, said during the trial that her father was with her son when he was shot, WDRB reported.

“The man she took his life gave and loved everyone around him,” Watson said. “He was there for everyone … And I hope that while you’re in prison you can balance your life and think about what you’ve done. And I’m grateful that you can never hurt anyone else.”

Before the shooting, Bush tried to enter a nearby predominantly black church, but he was unable to enter, authorities said.

After the shooting, Bush exchanged several shootings in the Kroger parking lot with an armed civilian who had a concealed permit for transportation. Police arrested Bush shortly after the shooting.

Bush did not issue a statement after his sentencing, the WDRB reported.