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Hannah Dean

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A mother of two, who posted photos of empty wards and said the coronavirus was a joke, was banned from visiting all hospitals today.

Hannah Dean claimed that she was a journalist to access hospitals before posting photos on social media of stations that were not at the forefront in the fight against the virus.

Despite a £ 200 fine, the 30-year-old continued to visit hospitals to take videos and photos.

He caught her filming patients in a ward Sunday and now she faces arrest and possible prosecution for ignoring Asbo-style advice to protect the community.

Nurses have since criticized the cheater with a catchphrase: “It would be a good idea to invite you for a walk through a Covid neighborhood without IPR.”

Another Bournemouth nurse added: “If I had just worked my shift last night, I wouldn’t have been in the hospitals.”

Covid Denier Hannah Dean can only go to the hospital in an emergency, for a scheduled appointment, or when it comes to caring for a patient

Dean filmed the patients and service personnel from the south coast. Police said the photos do not represent parts of the hospital involved in treating Covid patients.

Police confirmed last night that Hannah Dean can only go to the hospital in an emergency, for a pre-booked appointment or when a patient is being treated.

Courts could impose fines of up to £ 2,500 if found guilty of breaching the Notice. She is also prohibited from encouraging others to violate national coronavirus lockdown restrictions.

A senior police official said her actions were “unacceptable”, while a prime minister said her comments were “disgraceful”.

Hannah Dean was called “a disgrace” by council officials

Dean had previously been fined £ 200 for posting videos of the Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth, Hampshire.

He also filmed similar misleading images of Ardingly General Hospital and made repeated visits to St. Richard’s Hospital in Chichester, West Sussex.

Hannah Dean walked the corridors of the Royal Bournemouth Hospital for more than eleven minutes before being stopped by a nurse and kicked out by security personnel.

He then uploaded the video to social media.

A hospital spokesperson said:

“We believe this is a huge insult not only to our staff, who are working tirelessly in the most difficult circumstances, with many more Covid patients this month than ever before, but also to our patients and their families.

“Our hospital movie didn’t prove anything. We expect our hospital corridors to be clear and quiet on Sunday nights as we treat our patients in our wards and visitors are only allowed in exceptional cases at this time. ”

Dean was also beaten up by nurses at the hospital.

Debora Andre said: “She seeks attention and is trying to make money posting these videos. What awaited them in the hallways? Covid patients?

“Our hospitals are operating at their full potential, but our organizations are still very capable of handling situations and maintaining good service.

“It would also be a good idea to take her to visit a Covid room without PPE.”

Mandy Davin added: “If I had only worked my shift last night, I would not have fired at hospitals.”

Portsmouth Council Chairman Gerald Vernon-Jackson said: “It is an irrefutable fact that the hospital is under great pressure.

“To say that [Covid] does not exist is a joke, it is so humiliating for the work of these people, for the risks they run and for the loss that so many families have experienced in this city.”

“It’s a shame and how someone can do this to other people and show so little for their pain and work, I don’t know.”

Police said Dean, of Fareham, Hampshire, received the warning after ignoring a warning received on Sunday.

He attempted to film patients and staff at Queen Alexandra Hospital around 4:30 p.m., where 744 people died from Covid.

Photos from the hospital emergency room on her Facebook account show confidence and say, “What are you doing here, Hannah?”

Approximately 426 patients were treated for coronavirus at Queen Alexandra Hospital on Jan. 26, and the intensive care unit tripled its normal size with 47 mechanically ventilated patients.

A Sussex Police spokesman said: “The Sussex Police on Sunday sheltered a 30-year-old Fareham woman from a community that is preventing her from going to hospital unless she has an appointment, is dependent, or has a medical emergency. and not to encourage, assist, or cause any other person to violate Covid restrictions.

In a strange article earlier this month, Dean wrote, “People in the open country are seriously selfish!”

“The woman violated the Community Protection Notice on the same day the order was placed and received a Community Protection Notice on Monday.”

A spokesman for the Hampshire Police added: “The CPN is designed to prevent irrational behavior that negatively affects the quality of life of the local population.

Police said the photos did not show any parts of the hospital involved in treating Covid patients.

Portsmouth Police said the place had “caused riot in the community” and Hampshire Police confirmed that Dean was fined £ 200 for having no valid reason to leave his home.

Dean, who describes herself as a “taped reporter,” said she “hadn’t heard from the police in a week” before she was fined and said the police had “nothing in a week heard from the police ‘reason to stop’.

Dean has also written anti-Vaxx articles and posted a meme that appears to be making fun of Kate and Gerry McCann on his Facebook.

In a bizarre article he wrote, “I can’t wait for our government to hear my desperate cries and completely restrict my movements and confine me to certain areas of my cage …”. it can’t come soon enough.

“People in the backyard are very selfish! Thank god for this hasty new vaccine that no one will be responsible for if it causes injury or even death! In my opinion, some vaccine deaths are a small price to pay to save some] ‘


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