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Who is Hasnat Khan ( Heart surgeon who once had a discreet two-year relationship with Princess Diana ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Career, Incident details, Investigation, Family and More Facts

Hasnat Khan

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The heart surgeon Hasnat Khan, who once had a low-key two-year relationship with Princess Diana, was seen laying the trash at his home in Essex on Sunday.

Nicknamed “Natty” and “Mr. Wonderful”

Nicknamed “Natty” and “Mr. Wonderful” by the Princess, Hasnat Khan, 62, wore a t-shirt, sandals and sweatpants to get the job done.

During his escape, which ended in the summer of 1997, Diana – who reportedly considered him the love of her life – met the surgeon’s family and even considered converting to Islam.

Mr Khan, pictured over 20 years later, no longer has a mustache and his hair was speckled with gray in the photo taken on Friday.

Hasnat Khan Age

The 62-year-old man is currently doing humanitarian work in Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia and Pakistan.

When Mr. Khan spoke in 2008, he broke an eleven year silence about the princess and said: “I found her to be a perfectly normal person with great qualities.”

The couple met at Royal Brompton Hospital when Diana was visiting a friend who was recovering from heart surgery.

They then continued a low-key two-year adventure that ended in the early summer of 1997. Diana was killed in a car crash in Paris on August 31 of that year.

The princess’s closest friends have already spoken about their predicament when the surgeon ended their relationship.

She had met her family during a visit to Pakistan in 1996, on a trip where she wore a traditional Shalwar Kameez – baggy pants paired with a flowy dress.

She is said to have been beaten so badly at one point that she considered converting to Islam so that the couple could get married.

She gave up on the idea when Mr Khan decided their relationship wouldn’t work out in the long run.

Father Abdul Rasheed Khan

His father, Abdul Rasheed Khan, said his son told the family: “If I married him [Diana] our marriage would not last more than a year. We are so different from each other.

“She is from Venus and I from Mars. If that ever happened, it would be like a marriage of two different planets. ‘

Khan introduced Diana to the Chain of Hope charity, for which he was a volunteer surgeon.

Hasnat Khan Family

Ten years after Diana’s death, Mr. Khan married Hadia Sher Ali, a Pakistani descendant of Afghan kings. She was 29 at the time.

Their arranged marriage ended after 18 months.

In 2017, Sebastian Shakespeare of the Daily Mail reported that Mr Khan was engaged to a Muslim woman, Somi Sohail, who was several years younger than him.

She accompanied him to a ball at London’s Mayfair held by Chain of Hope.

“Hasnat is very happy,” a friend told Mr. Shakespeare.

“He hasn’t told us much about Somi, but they are planning to get married and have children. We are happy for him. ‘

In 2013, Diana’s close friend Jemima Khan, who was with her on her 1996 trip to Pakistan, said the princess was so ‘in love’ with Mr Khan that she was considering moving to Pakistan to be with him.

In a Vanity Fair article titled Grandma George’s Grandfather Never Knew, Ms Khan said Diana followed her advice on fundraising in Lahore.

“She wanted to know how difficult it was for me to adjust to life in Pakistan,” she told the magazine’s editor-in-chief Sarah Ellison.

“In both cases, she secretly went to [Hasnat’s] family to discuss the possibility of a marriage.”

Diana would have been very interested in impressing Mr. Kahn’s immediate family, especially his mother.

However, Ms Khan said the surgeon’s mother – Naheed Khan – would have been highly unlikely that her son would marry an Englishwoman.

“For a son, marrying an Englishwoman is any conservative Pashtun mother’s worst nightmare,” Jemima said.

“You send your son to England for training and he comes back with an English wife. It is something they fear. ”

According to Ms Khan, the surgeon also hated the idea of ​​being in public for the rest of his life if the couple had married.

And in his interview as part of Lord Stevens’ inquiry into Diana’s death, he called the marriage a “ridiculous idea” and added that he told her that the only way for me to see coexistence is vaguely normal was to go to Pakistan. because you don’t mind the press. ‘

The couple’s relationship was portrayed in the 2013 film Diana, in which Naomi Watts starred in the title role.

However, Mr. Khan refused to cooperate with the filmmakers.