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Who is Heather Janney ( Couple arrested by police for refusing to show ID Card ) Wiki, Bio, Incident details, TikTok, Arrest, Investigations and More Facts

Heather Janney

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An African-American man Antoine was arrested while driving with his girlfriend Heather Janney on Friday for refusing to show his ID card to the police during a traffic obstacle, he was a passenger and waiting to see the police mistreat him.

The guy’s name is Antoine. He was driving his wife / girlfriend Heather Janney in Anne Arundel County, Maryland when she was pulled over for 45 in a 30 mph zone. For some reason, the police wanted to see Antoine’s ID and he resisted saying it was a one-way ticket and didn’t need a passenger. presents an identity document.

Antoine kisses Heather before getting out of the car

The cops obviously didn’t see it that way. They arrested him and then dragged him out of the car.

Antoine kisses Heather before getting out of the car. You hear her cry as she films him being tied up and taken away.

It looks like your newborn baby is in the car.

Heather says they’re lawyers. We reached the police. So far … not a word back.

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