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Indiana Mom Heather Oliver arrested after 5 years son found in running washing machine, Heather Oliver Wiki, Bio, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and 03 Facts to Know

Heather Oliver

Heather Oliver Biography

A woman Heather Oliver in Elwood, Indiana, was arrested after her son was found in a running washing machine, according to court records. Heather Oliver, 30, is charged with neglecting a Level 5 dependent, resulting in physical injury. The charge is based on an incident that occurred on August 16, 2019.


Mom Heather Oliver arrested after son found in running washing machine.

Heather Oliver-Court Records

According to court records, a five-year-old boy and his father arrived at the hospital around 10:00 am. Hospital staff said the boy was passed out. He has numerous bruises and scratches on his upper body. It was a little dry, but he had wet underwear and dirt on his knees.

Heather Oliver-Riley Hospital

Medical staff transported the boy to Riley Hospital for further examination. The child’s father informed the police that Oliver, his girlfriend, called him at work around 9:15 a.m. and told him that the son was trapped in the washing machine when it was turned on. The father said that he immediately went home and found the boy in Oliver’s arms when he returned. The man patted his son on the back and said that the boy had vomited water. He then took his son to the hospital because he thought it would be faster given the proximity of the hospital.

Heather Oliver –Police Statement

The police then spoke to Oliver to better understand what had happened this morning. Oliver said that she had looked for the boy in her room at 9:00 a.m. She thought he was under the covers, so she went into the kitchen to pour a glass of milk. In the kitchen, she heard the washing machine and found it strange. Then she said that she saw the washing machine filling with water and that her son was stuck in it. She said that she unlocked the lock and removed it.

Heather Oliver –Her Statement

Oliver told the police that they did not know how the washing machine worked. She said her boyfriend washes the laundry because she has an illness that prevents her from lifting heavy objects.

Heather Oliver –Search Warrant

The police returned to their homes to issue a search warrant. They said they had found no water or blood on the ground and that there was no sign of fighting. There was also no milk in the fridge and no glass with milk.

The police went to the crèche. They found blankets on a pile, but nothing seemed to be a child under them. Police spoke to a representative for Lucky Goldstar, the manufacturer of the washing machine. The representative informed the police that the washing machine would not fill with water and would operate as long as the lid was open. The police tested the washing machine in the house and an error message appeared on the screen when they tried to operate the washing machine with the cover open.

Heather Oliver –Boy Interview

They interviewed the boy three days after his first hospital stay, but did not say much about the incident. However, according to court records, when they asked if his mother was nice, he replied, “Mom is not nice.”

Heather Oliver –Doctor Statement

Riley’s doctors told officials that the child’s injuries were “highly suspected of accidental trauma”.

Heather Oliver –Charged

In the end, Oliver was charged with neglect of a dependent “because he knowingly and willfully placed a dependent in a situation that could endanger the life and health of his son and cause bodily harm “.

Heather Oliver-03 Facts to Know

  • Heather Oliver Indiana Woman is 30 years old.
  • Heather Oliver son is 5 years old.
  • She said her boy friend was working with wash machine.

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