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Heidi Broussard’s friend Magen Fieramusca charged in her disappearance, Heidi Broussard Wiki, Bio, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and More Facts

Heidi Broussard

Heidi Broussard Biography

Heidi Broussard, A Texas woman may have planned to steal her best friend’s newborn daughter for months – whose strangled body was found by police officers at the suspect’s house this week, police and Friday reports.

Heidi Broussard-Friendship with Fieramusca

Stomach Rose Fieramusca, 33, has been friends with Heidi Broussard since they met in a religious camp at the age of 11, KHOU-TV from Houston said, citing a third woman who knew both.

Fieramusca-Wedding Planner

Fieramusca even went so far as to pretend to be pregnant, and the two attended prenatal appointments together, the agency said. Fieramusca, who was described as a former wedding planner, then made sure she was in the delivery room when Broussard gave birth to Margot three weeks ago, People magazine said, quoting another friend. ,
Then, on December 12th, Broussard and his baby disappeared.

Heidi Broussard-Body Found

Police later found the mother’s body in the trunk of a car in Fieramusca’s house near Houston – and the baby Margot was reportedly found unharmed in the house.

An autopsy showed that the mother’s death was caused by “strangulation of the ligatures”.

Fieramusca was arrested on Friday and accused of removing and falsifying a body. “These are heartbreaking circumstances that are bringing us here today,” Austin Police Chief Brian Manley said on Friday. “Everyone (hoped) for a different outcome than what was apparently achieved and it is with the loss of life,” said the boss. “And although we are grateful that it appears that we have brought Baby Margot back to safety, we believe that Miss Broussard lost her life in the incident.”

No charge was brought on Friday for Broussard’s murder, although Manley said “in this case, additional charges could be brought”. He said Fieramusca’s arrest was “a big deal” by many law enforcement agencies, including the FBI and the Texas Rangers.

Heidi Broussard-Last Seen

Broussard and her baby were last seen together when she dropped her 6-year-old son from her primary school in southwest Austin and returned home. Her fiance Shane Carey returned to an empty house.

He informed Fox 7 News at the time that he had called the police after making some worrying comments – including that Broussard’s ID and Margot’s diaper bag were still in the apartment, and the door of his car was unlocked.
Fieramusca’s bright Nissan was traced back to Austin at around the same time that Broussard and the baby had disappeared, the Austin American Statesman newspaper said.

But Fieramusca was able to convince an official from the Texas search and rescue group EquuSearch shortly before her arrest that she was not involved in the disappearance, KTRK-TV reported on Friday.
“I can’t believe how sincere she looked,” said Tim Miller from EquuSeartch. “How the hell can this person look so convincing?”

Fieramusca-Held in Prison

Fieramusca was held in Harris County Prison on bail of $ 600,000.
Manley said Baby Margot is “currently safe, currently healthy”.