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Who was Helen McCourt ( Woman vanished on her way home from work in 1988 ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Death Cause, Arrest, Investigation and More Facts

Helen McCourt

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Murderers Ian Simms who refuse to reveal where they hid the victims’ bodies Helen McCourt may still run free despite new laws. The murderers who refuse to say where they hid the bodies of the victims can still be released despite the new laws.

Helen’s law will come into effect next year, but Parole Board chief Martin Jones said it would be considered, but they would still be released when “no longer threatened” .

He said, “It’s a really tough area. It’s described as ‘no corpse, no parole’ – that’s not what this law does at all.”

Failure to cooperate and disclose this information is “frowned upon” by the board and may cause an inmate to initially deny parole applications.

He said, “In my experience, it will probably extend your custody.

“What it can’t do is act like a complete block for your post.

“It won’t support your case and likely affect your case if you don’t do the right thing, but it can’t be a barrier to publication.

“When someone is no longer at risk, we must finally release them.”

The law is named after Helen McCourt, who died in 1988.

Killer Ian Simms has been released, although he has never revealed his grave.

Mr. Jones has been Chairman of the Parole Board since 2015.