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Henry Eugene Washington Suspect in Bothell officer’s murder charges, Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Investigations, Arrest, Twitter and More Facts

Henry Eugene Washington

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Prosecutors for King County said on Wednesday that they plan to formally charge the man Henry Eugene Washington accused of shooting and killing two police officers in Bothell, with several crimes, including first degree murder, one first degree attack, vehicle attack and attempt to deceive.

Henry Eugene Washington Age

He is 37 years old.

Henry Eugene Washington first appearance hearing in King County District Court

Henry Eugene Washington of Waco, Texas, waived his right to appear at a first appearance hearing in King County District Court before judge Joe Campagna found the probable cause for the arrest of the suspect without bail.

Prosecutors said Washington, whose relatives say he was not taking his drugs at the time of the murderous attack, is expected to be formally charged on Friday.

Police officer Jonathan Shoop Age

He was 32 years old.

Police officer Jonathan Shoop died

Investigators said police officer Jonathan Shoop died at the scene and a second police officer was injured after trying to stop the Washington vehicle on Monday evening. After a brief police chase involving the overthrow of a motorcyclist, the suspect opened fire on the police, injuring Shoop, who had been in the police force for just over a year.

The second officer, whose identity has not been released, was rushed to Seattle’s Harborview Medical Center, where he was treated and released Tuesday morning,

The incident sparked massive support for Shoop, the first police officer in Bothell to die in the line of duty.

“Jonathan was a dedicated officer who served the city of Bothell with professionalism and compassion,” the department tweeted Tuesday afternoon. “Jonathan was very dear to his colleagues and to the whole community. We will miss Officer Jonathan Shoop very much.”

Residents continued to bring flowers, cards and best wishes to a Bothell police car that became an improvised sanctuary for Shoop.

Court documents released at Wednesday’s hearing

Court documents released at Wednesday’s hearing provide new details in the moments leading up to the death of Shoop, who was driving the police car while his field training officer was seated in the seat front passenger.

Officers attempted to remove the 2007 black Pontiac G6 from Washington at the intersection of Bothwell Way NE and Woodinville Drive after realizing that the vehicle did not have a license plate, according to an investigators’ report released after the audience.

When Shoop approached the stationary vehicle, the vehicle accelerated, hitting a pedestrian on a scooter. This victim, identified as Jalen Irvin, had a broken leg and was taken to the local hospital for treatment.

Investigators’ cell phone video

Investigators’ cell phone video showed that Washington got out of the car and stood on the street before approaching the police car. The suspect approached the driver’s side and opened fire, apparently shouting, “Go pig, let’s go pig,” the witness told police. Shoop’s partner dismissed the fire, the report said, but Washington fled on foot.

During the hunt for the suspect, the multi-agency response team Snohomish learned of a call from a man who identified himself as Henry Washington to police in Junction City, Kansas, in which the appellant described hitting the scooter and firing his gun at the police in self-defense. It was not clear why the suspect called the Kansas Police Department regarding an incident in Washington State.

Shoop died in the police car after being shot in the head, according to court documents.

Washington mother Carolyn Washington told KOMO News on Wednesday that her son, who was on a brief trip to the Seattle area, was not in his state of mind.

“Let them lose their families. Brother, I’m sorry. I’m sorry,” she said. “They have my deepest sympathies.”

She said her son lives with her in central Texas and works in the construction industry. It was not clear why he was in Bothell or whose vehicle he was driving. Her mother said her son had a history of mental illness and suspected that her son was out of medication when the shooting took place.

“We know my son did not do this intentionally,” she said. “We know that if he had been sane, he would never have done anything like it.”