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Who is Holly Suzanne Courtier ( Hiker Found After Two Weeks, She Had Last Been Seen At Grotto parking area ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident Details, Information and More Facts

Holly Suzanne Courtier

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The missing mother was reunited with her family when they found her missing in Zion National Park for nearly two weeks

Park officials confirmed Sunday that Holly Suzanne Courtier was found after a witness contacted authorities regarding the park’s discovery.

According to CNN, park officials said Broker was immediately reunited with his family and left the park with them. It is not known whether he should go to the hospital.

Incident Details

A 38-year-old woman from California was last seen on a ferry in a cave parking lot on October 6. The national park does not allow private vehicles, according to multiple reports, and Broker’s car was later found in a nearby town. Broker did not show up for the return trip scheduled for the afternoon of October 6, and his family later announced that they had left the phone.

Courtier’s 19-year-old daughter told the media that her mother was an experienced hiker and took the opportunity to travel to the United States after losing her nanny to the pandemic.

It’s unclear, Broker told friends and family, who visited Zion National Park on Oct. 6, but multiple reports have confirmed that she didn’t mention any long-term plans.

Given Information By Authorities About Survival

Authorities have yet to provide more information on the condition of the runner or how and where he survived the 12 lost days. It is not known whether the courtier knew that it was the subject of an extensive investigation.

The broker’s sister, Jamie Strong, is known for launching a GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign to raise money to find volunteers. The site says that the GoFundMe campaign started three days ago, when Broker was still missing. On Sunday the news of the Broker’s discovery was updated on the campaign page.

“We are very happy that he was found unharmed today,” the family said. “We want to thank the wardens and search teams who tirelessly search for him day and night and who have never given up hope.”

“We are also very grateful to the countless volunteers who have been generous with their time, resources, and support. It would not have been possible without the network of people gathered.

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