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Who is Ifeanyi Umoke ( Boy 13, Thrown into fire for stealing food ) Wiki, Bio Age, Crime, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Ifeanyi Umoke

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The incident took place on Saturday 7 November in the village of Inikiri Benard, Effium Township, Ohaukwu Government District, Ebonyi State.

Incident Details

The boy, whose father is bedridden with a chronic mental illness and whose mother is late, was reportedly set on fire by two merchants who accused him of stealing rice from a store in a market.

The authors, identified as Paul Ifere Amah and Paul Nweke, burned it after throwing it into the fire.

Oko Nweke chairman of the Ebonyi State

Sampson Oko Nweke, chairman of the Ebonyi State Human Rights Defenders Branch (HURIDE), issued a statement confirming the incident and condemning the dishonest act.

The statement:

“HURIDE received a call from Mr. George Etamesor of HRCRC regarding this severe abuse of this poor boy.

“As he was caught stealing rice from his village market, he was handcuffed, thrown into the burning fire in a market garbage can and left to roast like a goat. The perpetrators, Mr. Paul Ifere Amah and Mr. Paul Nweke from the same village, after committing this evil, saw the critical condition of their victim but left him groaning to death.

“Comprehensive surgery was required to take him to AMURT hospital in Effium, but due to the severity of the damage, the roast boy was denied treatment. Later efforts were made to bring him to AE-FETHA2, where he currently struggles between life and death.

When HURIDE questioned the authors, they said;

“Ifeanyi got into the habit of stealing manioc, sweet potatoes, and the like. This time we caught him stealing our rice and we decided to teach him a lesson so he wouldn’t come back and steal our food. It was not our intention to burn his entire body. We just tied him up and after hitting him we tried to roast his toes in the fire, but because he was fighting he slipped from our hands and fell into the fire and burned beyond our expectations. So far the police have been adequately informed. ”

However, Ebonyi State Police Headquarters spokesman DSP Loveth Odah, who confirmed the incident, said police have yet to receive an official statement on the matter.