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Isaac Moye

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  • Isaac Moye, 43, charged with second degree murder when he was armed in October 2010, Unique Harris disappeared
  • Harris, 24, disappeared from her Washington DC home while her two sons, ages three and four, slept in a different room.
  • In 2018, the DC Superior Court allowed a petition to accept the death of a missing person and a death certificate was issued to Harris.

Washington DC police arrested a man charged with murder because of the disappearance of a young mother in 2010 whose body was never found.

Isaac Moye, 43, was arrested on Saturday on a warrant and charged with second degree murder when he was armed for the murder of Unique Harris, 24.

Incident Details

Harris was reported missing from her home on the 2400 block on Hartford Street on October 10, 2010.

Harris, a mother of two, disappeared from her bedroom while her children, then three and four, slept in the other room. She was last seen alive the previous evening at 10 p.m.

In the years that followed, the police looked for Harris and even produced a YouTube video on the second anniversary of his disappearance to generate new leads.

In it, Harris’ mother, Valencia Harris, asked the tearful audience for information to help police find their daughter, whom they described as “one of the nicest people you have ever had”. wanted to meet “.

According to Valencia, Unique was a very dedicated mom with her two children and at the time of her death was preparing to go back to college for a degree in massage therapy.

In October 2018, the Washington Superior Court issued a petition suspecting the death of a missing person and a death certificate was issued to Unique Harris.

Then, on Saturday, members of the regional working group on refugees from the capital region armed with an arrest warrant were found and Moye was arrested.

The DC Metropolitan Police did not disclose what prompted Moye’s arrest and only said in a press release that they were “following up the detectives’ investigation.” has asked police for a comment on the circumstances surrounding Moye’s arrest.

Moye has a criminal record that includes charges of assault with a dangerous weapon, refugee on trial, minor assault and drug distribution.

Harris’ mother, who tirelessly sought justice for her missing daughter, used Facebook to express her satisfaction with the arrest.

“I can’t say much about the details of the Unique case at this point, but I will say: NEVER stop fighting for your loved one! Valencia Harris wrote in a message.

Unique survived her two children, her mother and two brothers.

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