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Who is Isaiah Cuspard ( Phoenix man is arrested for kidnapping the mother of his two kids ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Family, Victim, Arrest, Investigation and More Facts

Isaiah Cuspard

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A man Isaiah Cuspard was arrested for allegedly kidnapping the mother of his two children after refusing to set up a surprising Valentine’s Day appointment with him.

Isaiah Cuspard Age

Isaiah Cuspard, 20, assaulted his ex-girlfriend and the mother of his two children in Phoenix, Arizona on February 10.

He was arrested but released and returned home the next day hoping to take her on a date, but she refused.

He hit her, hugged her, then threw her in his car and drove off at 100 miles an hour, according to the victim’s mother and neighbors who saw the incident.

The neighbors called the police and when they got onto the street he was standing on, he had crashed.

When he was in police custody, he admitted that he attacked the woman the night before and that she refused to go out with him, but said he could not accept an answer.

“Isaiah felt offended and wanted to use her against all means,” said the police report of her arrest.

The victim’s mother, Barbara Johnson, said the couple had always had an abusive relationship and warned them not to return home.

Cuspard is being held in the county jail on $ 6,000 bail. He will appear in court on Thursday.

His arrest indicates that he went to the woman’s home on February 9 and attacked her.

The police came and arrested him, but he was released. We do not know, why.

The next day he returned home and asked the woman to arrange an early Valentine’s Day appointment with him.

“Isaiah wanted to surprise her with a Valentine’s Day date, but [she] didn’t want it. He said she hadn’t told him multiple times when he asked her to come with him.

Isaiah said he was offended and would use them against all means. Isaiah then decided that he had to physically put his arms around her to carry her to his car that he was driving home.

Isaiah then forced her to sit in the passenger seat and walked with her. When Isaiah left, they demolished the sidewalk and deployed the vehicle’s airbags.

“She cut her left hand as a result of the collision,” the police report said.

The victim also told him that she thought he was going to die.

Cuspard has a long criminal record. At just 20, he already has nine photos for arrests, including theft, resisting arrest, and assault.